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Chapter 57

She looked up from her laptop and narrowed her eyes as she looked at Bastian who had occupied her bed, uninvited. He lied down as if he was on a divan. “What are you trying to do?”Erska asked as he rolled an inch closer to her.

“Nothing,” he replied, being all oblivious. “Go back to writing, Erska! I know I can be a distraction with my gorgeous looks,” he said as he flipped his hair.

She rolled her eyes as she went back to typing but all of a sudden she was tumbling away from her laptop and into Bastian’s arms as he dragged her towards him. “Come on, Bastian,” Erska muttered as she scrunched her nose, swatting away his hands. “If you keep doing this, I’m going to scream and my mom would chuck you out in seconds!”

“I don’t give a fuck, come here!” he teased, trying to hug her as they cuddled in bed.

“Bastian!” Erska hissed, trying to resist his grasp around her waist. “Are you being serious? The door is not even locked yet. My mother would bury you!”

“That would happen only when you scream, right?” he asked cautiously.

“Yes, you think I wouldn’t-”

He kissed her quickly, shutting her mouth while he held onto her hands tightly, preventing her from wriggling. She was trying to hit him but gave in to his whims. Their noses brushed,little sparks making them both giddy. Instinctively, he pulled her closer, barely any space between them while alarms of all sorts started ringing in Erska’s head as she ended his teasing, leaving a smatter of kisses on his nose. They pulled away, breathless as they stared into each other while Mr. Nose-Up-In-Air had to say something to spoil the scene. “I’m sorry, I thought someone was going to scream and cry mommy,” stated Bastian, acting all cocky.

“But... But…” she stammered, her black orbs blinking rapidly, trying to push his face away. “You were the one being all flirty!”

“Really? Perhaps, we could do more…” he smirked, biting his lip. Erska held her breath, unable to take her gaze off him while his fingers slowly inched below her waist, lower and lower. It suddenly struck in her enraptured brain, the kind of situation that she was in. In a hurry, she headbanged him and jumped out of the bed. “Mom!!” Erska screamed. “Bastian’s up to no good!!”

He stumbled out, lying flat on the floor while he got up in haste, trying to walk straight. His attempts to close her ranting mouth was in vain because she bit his fingers so hard that he staggered back.


“C’mon, Erska. I was just joking!”

“Joking?!” she huffed, flicking him on the forehead, his emerald eyes of mischief still glimmering. “You tried to take advantage of me!”

“Bu-But I’m your boyfriend,” he complained, raising his hands in the air. “And let’s be frank, you liked it, you didn’t even notice me doing it. You did not protest.”

Erska looked stumped, her eyes twitching. “Are you telling me what you did was right?”

“No. No. No, mam,” he admitted, kneeling down playfully. “At your command, always.”

“Now, that’s a good boy,” she said, patting his head, trying to hide a smile.

He looked up, slightly unsure but winked anyway to irk her. “So, shall we continue where we left?”

“Shut up, Bastian!”

“What should we do? Wake him up?” asked Richard.

Alice sighed with her hands folded as she looked at Bastian, fast asleep. His hands were wrapped tightly around Erska’s pillow and had not moved an inch.

Half-drunk with bloodshot eyes and smelly hair, the sorry looking figure had stood at their doorstep at around 11:30, knocking the door raucously to see Erska’s room. Feeling sorry for him, the Saphines obliged him in. Two hours had passed and there was no sign of Bastian coming out of the room. Therefore, they had went in to check up on him only to find him curled up like a ball, hugging Erska’s pillow.

Alice’s initial thought would be to chuck him out but her emotions had recently taken a severe hit. She titled her head and parted the mess of black strands that covered Bastian’s face. He was smiling like the happiest child in the world but the moonlight also showed trails of tears running down his unshaven cheeks.

“It’s okay, Richard,” she said as she intertwined her fingers into her husband’s. “Let him sleep. The poor boy has gone through a lot too.”

Richard nodded, rubbing his wife’s hands. Just as they were about to leave, he patted Bastian’s back, hoping to soothe like how they were trying to cope. They shut the door softly, leaving Bastian to his dreams.

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