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Thank You!

So, that was a wild ride, yeah?

Thank you for staying til the end. It means a lot. I know, the book has both positives and negatives and I'm always open to criticism. Seriously, just throw it my way and I'm ready to catch it with oven mitts.

I'm a genre bending author, so, the next one will probably be different. Hell, I spent my lifetime reading cold-blooded thrillers and who thought my first one would be a fantasy drama? I'm going to experiment with more styles and come out with different themes that you and I can look forward to.

Maybe you don't know how important this is for me - let me rant for a bit before you threaten me with your hypothetical axe. There was a time when I truly believed I could never write and here I am, having written a whole novel. As much as I have passion, writing is one of the hardest things that I've challenged myself to do. And this is just one step towards an endless journey. One step which took me seven years.

Okay. Now, shoo away. I'm not the emotional kind.

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