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Bonus Chapter

She had very little time and her wobbly legs weren’t helping her. In five minutes the alert would go on and she’ll be tackled to the ground. Before which she has to get in and out within seconds or the truth will be sealed. Not exactly sealed, it was just revealed very carelessly harsh to them as if a storm was waiting to hit all the unsuspecting Draphas on the back.

This was her fifth attempt to escape which was a lot more successful than her previous ones. She was able to get past the guards posted in front of ten cells, all grilled that held people like her. All she had to do was act like she was sick, plead to the nearest guard, knock him on the head and trade uniforms with him.

Idiots. Can’t even recognize a colleague but then again, if this place was lit like a dingy suspicious mental hospital, who would even care? Now, all she had to do was get into the ‘Restricted Access’ door. There has to be answers in there.

This whole thing was a fluke. Though her first attempt was in mindless anger, as she continued her attempts, she knew she had to think of something strategic. Therefore through the peephole, she could see the movements of people going and coming in.

The authorities were ready to let her free only if she promised to behave normally. Hell, Orfer would give anything for her to stop causing problems just like the rest of them prisoned in there. But if we were to accept our positions like the rest of the idiots did, going about their jobs like everything was normal – then, no. They had to have similar rights. It is not fair. Theirs was a fate bitter than the humans. Bitter than any celestial being.

As soon as she placed her hand on the forbidden door, she hesitated. If only I had properly completed my initiation sessions, then I could have gone on a rampage without having to think twice. I just had to be impatient! It was all in her hands to figure if today was the day they were to wheel in the grey liquid vials. Having stayed in the darkness with no access to any device, it was almost as if she was spending a long time under the eternal night with no idea what day it was. Therefore, she had been keeping count only to have forgotten it in the middle, getting confused. The advantage of the day they wheel in vials were when puny Grim reapers pass it over to the Draphas, coming in and out at irregular intervals meaning that the restricted door was not guarded and left open for anyone to enter. This does not mean the place was unguarded because one had to pass through the guards at the ‘jail’ except that she, being a troublemaker herself, passed through it casually.

Her grip on the handle was firm. Taking a deep breath she pulled it, hoping that the alarm wouldn’t go off. Good. Now, I can just punch my way through these puny rascals if they stand in my way.

Seeing that she was able to open it up with ease, she looked back once to see if anyone had caught her only to see someone wheeling in a tray of vials. So, she got through the door, only to be thrown off by the expanse of the room. Coffin like structures bordered in metal were placed in lines throughout the room. Each coffin contained a human floating in luminous golden liquid that ran through tiny pipes from a humongous drum of the liquid placed at the front, supplying them forever. One peculiar feature that caught her eye was the ball fixed at the posterior part of the coffin containing grey liquid which resembled a lot like the ones found in the Draphacons. Whatever this is, wait till this gets out. I’m staging a fine protest.

Bragging to herself, she hadn’t noticed the Grim reaper who was standing behind her with the vials, trembling whether to scream or not. When he had finally decided he was going to cry for help, he whimpered like an injured wolf which got her attention. Turning around, she smiled. “You should have tried better. Wouldn’t this make my job easier?”

Without a warning, she did a roundhouse kick which got the guy stumbling as he was about to fall on the trolley yet he pushed it out of his way as he landed on the floor with a noisy bang. To add on to this, the trolley of vials ended up driving itself towards a wall, crashing which led to a cluttering of the vials. A confusion of footsteps were headed her way and she had to escape. Damn it! She had no time to punch down the guy and ran inside the room to search for an exit but it was no use. It was a dead end. Fighting my way through, it is.

She headed straight for the six guards who were running her way. She stepped on the first guy’s chest which caused him to stagger back on another one. Then, she kicked the other in the face and head locked one girl till she would gasp for breath. Though swiftly inflicting injuries, they were bound to be back on their feet. Therefore, she began to use a lot more energy than before punching, kicking and tossing them around. She would have escaped if she had noticed that someone had a baton which was struck hard on head and she fell silent on the ground.

To be continued...more bonus chapters will be published in the e-book format. See y'all there soon!

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