Our Next Destination (Book Three)

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Book three. Please read “Our Young Funny Voices” and “Our Blank Canvas” before "Our Next Destination." The first two books can be found on GoodNovel. Six and a half months ago, Navy Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Brody" Black unraveled the biggest mystery of her lifetime; The desire to live for herself, and the ones she loves most. This sudden urge comes after narrowly escaping a deadly mission overseas. She vows to propose to Liza, the love of her life, and receives an abundance of support from their friends. Unfortunately, not everyone approves. Namely her father and older brother, both of which are active in the military with a far-right political mindset. The notorious Black household is willing to quietly allow Brody the freedom to be herself, but not at the cost of possibly tarnishing their reputation. This puts her in a tight spot, having to choose between blood and those she has come to love as family. If that weren't enough for one person to deal with, Brody also finds herself standing right beside Liza as she fights her controlling mother in court for custody of the three children she conceived with her EX, Max. Olivia struggles to move forward from the aftermath of Charlotte's infidelity, while Francine fights to keep Russian immigrant Vasha safe in America from someone hell bent on sending her back to Siberia. Join everyone on their final adventure!

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Attention Readers!!

“Our Next Destination” is the third and final book of my “Ours” series. Before diving in, you’ll need to read the first two novels to understand everything.

“Our Young Funny Voices” has been published on ‘GoodNovel’, and I’m only able to keep five chapters of this book on Inkitt. You can read the first book of my “Ours” series at: https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/21000006587

It is also available on Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08R8ZDZTG (spacing being looked into, I want all my readers to have a relaxing experience on the eyes.) 👀

“Our Blank Canvas” has been published on ‘GoodNovel’, and I’m only able to keep five chapters of this book on Inkitt. You can read the second book of my “Ours” series at: https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/21000006664

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*I’m trying something new for the third and final installment of this novel, and posting just the Prologue to start.

2020 All Rights Reserved (you know how it goes) Please don’t attempt to steal any part of my work.

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“If that’s the way you feel, then I guess you only have one kid altogether. The 'obedient daughter' you've always wanted doesn’t exist, she’s a shadow of the person I’m meant to be, and I won’t endure her any longer. Have an amazing life.” I spoke calmly over dad's tyrant like behavior, and held my head high as I exited; Not even stopping to spare a passing glance at my mom as she raced into father’s study in alarm.

“Nicole! Where are you going!?”

He could tell her all about my ‘crime’ against the family, I’ve had enough for one day.

I managed to leave without anyone chasing me down, demanding information I knew damn well nobody wanted to hear. Olivia’s worried deep blue eyes were fixated on me as I rushed toward her truck.

I slammed the door and stared straight ahead. In an exhausted tone, I muttered. “Let’s get out of here.”

“You alright?” My best friend pried as she placed a hand on my shoulder. I shrugged her off, irritated to my core and not wanting any part of physical affection at the moment.

“Liv...I don’t want to talk about it right now. Alright? Can we just get something to drink? I need to take the edge of this whole day off.”

“Uh, yeah....sure.” Olivia swallowed hard, and I could tell right away she was trying not to cry. She’s always been sensitive like that, and I felt bad for momentarily forgetting who I was lashing out at. I licked my trembling lips and faced her apologetically.

“I’m sorry man, it’s not you...okay? Let me buy us a round at Joey’s; I’ll get back to feeling like myself in no time. Besides, France might be working and it’s always fun giving her shit.” I nudged a quiet Olivia in the ribs a few times, and grinned when she quit pouting to smile with a dramatic eye roll.

“Fine, but only because I’m starving. I could go for a slice of pizza.” Liv is a good sport, I knew she’d understand. I’d tell her what happened when I could form the words.

“Hell to the yes! I’m all down-” Feeling my phone buzzing in the front pocket of my white hoodie, I frowned and retrieved it without finishing my sentence. After taking a look at the caller ID, I cast a side glance at Olivia before answering.

“It’s France. Hey du-”

“Brody!” Francine sobbed uncontrollably from the other end. She was so deafeningly loud, I had to yank the device away from my ear to avoid hearing loss. Olivia’s eyes widened in alarm, and I put her on speaker phone immediately so we could both listen in on what was happening in the background.

“Slow down, Franci-” I commanded, feeling my blood freeze at her next screech.



My mouth parted in shock, and Livvy’s breath hitched as she shook her head disbelievingly. Before either of us could respond, Francine directed her hysteria elsewhere. “SHE HAS PAPERS YOU ASSHOLES! SHE’S HERE LEGALLY! WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU OTHERWISE!?”

“They’re in my desk! The manila envelope, someone get them? It’s okay bunny, it’s okay...please breathe properly.”

All I could do was listen helplessly as Vasha tearfully begged Francine to try and remain calm amidst the chaos, while my girlfriend icily stated she’d have the jobs of those ICE official’s who were unlawfully arresting our friend. Liza was in full blown Karen mode, but in this case it was completely warranted.

“This is so wrong on about a hundred different levels! Let us get her documentation before you do something I swear to GOD you’ll regret.”

I then heard a bang- and Vasha screaming forcibly from what sounded like physical pain, as one of the officers vocally sneered at Francine and Liza in response. He briefly stated where they could claim her once a list of documentation they already had and were willing to show them was provided, before leaving the devastated girls behind.

“Detka, no crying. You know I can’t stand it. It will all be fine- OWWW! I’m going! I’m going! Stop twisting my arm!!” Vasha whined faintly in her thick Russian accent. She had to be one of the most non threatening, gentle people I knew since arriving in the United States well over a year ago. The men abusing her had absolutely no reason to behave like barbarians, but were anyway because Vasha was attempting to soothe her girlfriend before being shoved out of her own apartment.

Olivia’s eyes blazed with fury as she pressed the speaker button on my cell. “I can’t listen to this anymore, Brody...” Her voice shook, and I knew she was desperately trying to hold back tears. She and Vasha, they have a very special bond, similar to mine and Francine’s. This was murdering us both, but I couldn’t disconnect the call. Not yet. So, I nodded and bit my lip as the frenzied conversation dragged on.

“STOP! YOU’RE HURTING HER!” My desolate friend’s piercing wail echoing in my ear made my blood boil. The sound of Francine and Vasha’s front door being hurled open and slamming shut had me assuming that Liza took off after them. Meanwhile, Francine just kept hoarsely crying for Vasilisa over and over again. It was enough to make me want to sink a fist into someone’s xenophobic face.

Who the hell is behind this!?

“Go get her papers, Francine. I’ll stay on the phone with you.” I attempted to calm the hysterical woman down, nodding to myself when she sniffled out a grunt in agreement. What started out as shuffling turned into a whine of distress, then a colorful string of cursing.

“They aren’t here! Vasha’s documentation, we always keep them in the same fucking spot! WHAT THE HELL!?”

Francine started breathing heavily, and I closed my eyes in dismay. “I’ll be right there, France. We’ll figure this out, Vasha has her green card. This isn’t fucking legal!” I barked before hanging up, shoving my cellphone into my back pocket. Olivia had already started the ignition, and was white knuckling her steering wheel as she sped away from my parent’s house, toward a distraught Francine’s.

Trying to make sense of my dad’s intolerance would just have to wait; My other family needed me right now, and I couldn’t focus on shit else in the moment except turning this around by getting Vasha back home where she belonged.

Something wasn’t adding up, and I planned to get to the bottom of it.

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