The Fallen Angel

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Ceecee has a whole world in front of her and a future that is ahead of her. Along the way she tries to put herself together before she commits to a long term relationship but she goes through stages that are still kind of tough for her and her future. Ceecee fell for a tall good looking guy named Jeremiah Carter and fell in love instanly. Will her story continue with Jeremiah or continue without him?

Drama / Romance
Charvale Cyphers
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Junior year is almost over and I am excited for Senior year to start. I passed 4 classes and I am finally finishing my last class of the school year and finishing my last final hopefully I pass. Time passes by for a little while to take a break from the first part of the final. I had went to the restroom to freshen up and use the toilet. As soon as I was walking out one of my good friends were in the restroom when I came out of the stall to wash my hands. We talking about how our finals were going and what classes we picked for Senior year she has early out and I have late start. After talking for awhile we both have each other a hug and headed back to our classes to go take our second part of the final before lunch. Time passes by again then now it was lunch time. I went back with my same good friend we had grab our lunch and went to the art room and hanged out talking about the same topic again. After talking for awhile my good friend had asked me what do I want to do after high school and I told her that I want to work save money move out of California or out of the states start a clothing business and maybe an auto shop. After I told what I wanted to do she told me about what she wanted to do but she wasn't sure fully yet on what she wanted to do. After lunch we both went back to our classes again to not only finish up the final but also say our goodbyes until everyone See's each other again after the summer everyone was hugging and crying and planning to see see each other once they got home busses were honking there horns at the teachers that were waving at the students on the bus and as soon as the busses left the campus that is when my life starts to get a bit crazier and a lot wirder not just with my love life but life in general.

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