A Small Girl with Big Dreams

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Chapter 5: Friends

As I was singing my song, the loud crowd heard in silence. Even after I finished, the crowd was silent for a few seconds and then they clapped. I was positive about my singing. Though I might have made few mistakes because of my stage fear, it came out better than I thought. I came out of the stage. People around me were appreciating my performance.

Kia (Kiara) was literally jumping in joy. She was always like that. Be it a small or big stage, she would always be excited for me and was my all time motivator. We have been best friends for 5 years now. So we knew almost everything about each other. Few people would mock her because of the way she speaks. Even if they mocked her, I would stand up for her. After all, what are best friends for. People have mood swings but I have mood tsunamis. Hundreds of moods at a time. She would even bear that. I am always thankful for her though I don't say that.

But I was even thankful for one more person. Yes, Akshay. I was searching for him but I couldn't find him. He was listening to my performance but after that I didn't know where he went. Maybe he would have gone to the class.

They told us to go back to our respective classes after finishing our performance and the result will be announced in the break. They even said the singer who manages to impress the chief guest would get a special surprise from the chief guest. First I thought the chief guest would be an old person so I was not interested then. Now I am in exact opposite state. Literally in excited state. We went back to our classes. I couldn't see Akshay there also. I wonder where he went. I was telling Kia what all happened. I was even telling her about Akshay. She was shocked listening to how Akshay came up to me and spoke. As I had already said, he was not that comfortable talking to girls. Then as we were talking, the bell rang. It was break. Which means RESULT TIME..

We both rushed towards the auditorium. Akshay was there. I told Kia that I'll be back in few minutes and went towards Akshay. I asked him where he went. He told he had some backstage work.

I asked him, "What about keyboard?"

He said, "Yeah, I actually had to play the keyboard but they cancelled last minute".

I said, "Oh! Okay. By the way Akshay, I actually was searching for you."

He said, "Me? What happened Taar?"

I said, " Well, actually I wanted to thank you for motivating me and telling me wierd things to make me laugh. I really felt way better after talking to you."

He said, "Oh thats okay! I've known you since ages. Don't be so formal. We're friends. Right?"

I thought for a second.

And then I said, "Of course! You're a really great friend Akshay. I never thought you'd be friends with girls. I thought you don't speak much to girls, so maybe I thought you were uncomfortable."

He said, "Well! It's true that I don't talk much to girls. But it's not because I'm uncomfortable. It's just that I didn't get any opportunity to talk much to them. With guys that was not the case."

As we both were laughing and talking, Kia came towards me and said,

"Taar! Result time! They told all the participants to come in front."

I introduced Akshay to Kia and vice versa. They smiled and said Hi to each other. After that they both wished me good luck. Kia was as usual more excited than me. Akshay was calm. Then they started announcing. I rushed and stood in the front. Jay was exactly opposite of me. He smiled. He looked more handsome in person. I was just blushing looking at him. Not to forget, it was result time. I was constantly reminded of that. On the side were Kia and Akshay. Both were telling me to relax and chill. I smiled looking at the expressions Kia made to make me laugh. They both were talking and getting to know each other. I was constantly looking at only one person in awe, JAAAYYY!!

Ten minutes passed, our teacher was on the dias, talking about how amazing Jay was. He was humble. He didn't react much. He just smiled listening to the compliments. I was totally smiling. I imagined him to be my knight in shining armour when I was small. I am a total fan girl. I know I may sound crazy. But that's how I am. No embarrassment, no regrets. Lol. I was listening to her speech. And then came Jay. He was complimenting all of us. And was telling about his album song. He even sang a few lines. I was literally screaming with the crowd. And clapped heavily after he finished singing. He was supposed to be the one giving out the results.

He said, "And the winner is......"

My heart was literally thumping hard. I could hear my heartbeat so loud. He paused a lot and finally told the winner.

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