A Small Girl with Big Dreams

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This is the story of an orphan named Tara. She always dreamed of becoming a singer one day. What do you think? Will she be able to fulfill her dreams? Read the story to find out.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1: Introduction

Hi all! I am Tara. I am from India. I am 16 years old. I am studying in Oxford School. I was adopted by my parents at the age of 6. Ever since I moved in with them, my life changed. They were very kind to me. They treated me like their own. They did whatever I asked them to do. I love my dad the most. We are a middle class family. But I had no regrets. I got whatever I asked. They gave me whatever they could and that was the best thing.

My dad was having a small business and my mom was a school teacher. She even took tuitions. Life was pretty smooth. Everyday I used to go to school and when I return, I would help my mom with her chores, we would have a family talk about how our day was and then we would do our respective works. I have loved music all my life. And having a pretty decent voice, I would sing for hours listening to my favourite songs and never get tired of it. I even watched music shows on TV and would get excited. I used to participate in small competitions in class. But I wanted more. I wanted to shine in a bigger scene.

One day after school got over, while I stepped out I saw a poster for singing audition to represent my school. My best friend Kiara got excited and told me to give it a try. Even I was excited. I went home and told my parents regarding the competition. They told as long as it doesn't affect my academics they were okay with it. I was wondering what song to sing and practiced many songs. I was nervous and excited as it was my first ever performance in front of the school. I couldn't sleep the whole night.

Next day, I gave my name and they said that the auditions will start in a week. I used to rehearse and rehearse. I never went for any training but used to watch YouTube and learn few basic stuffs which were needed for singing. Melody songs were my weakness and my voice is more suitable for husky songs. But I did not give up. I practiced and practiced. As they say, practice makes a person perfect. Though mine was not perfect, I finally managed to ace a bit. After a lot of discussion, I finally decided the song. Though it was a tough one, I thought since it was a big stage I needed to get out of my comfort zone to impress the judges.

Finally the Big Day vibes came to haunt me.

PS: This is my first ever story. Please be more considerate if there are any grammatical errors. I will do my best. Keep supporting. Thank you

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