A Small Girl with Big Dreams

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Chapter 2: Insomnia

Wohoo!! Finally as the days kept nearing, Insomnia nights increased!! I couldn't even sleep. All I was thinking about was how I would perform. I would even get anxiety attacks and what if I fail moments from time to time.

This whole week I was very cautious about my diet esp cold items, as I didn't want to catch cold. As an ardent ice cream lover, I even resisted having it. The bathroom was my thinking/singing spot. I used to spend hours singing and ended up getting scolded by mom. Getting scoldings from mom became a daily routine. My dad had a great time listening to our quarrelling.

I somehow managed to pass the week and the night before the audition, I had kept alarm at 6am and was giving motivational speeches to myself..Looking at the mirror I went on like..

"Ok! Taar! Listen up! We can do it! We will do it! God is always with us! We are the winners! Tomorrow is our day! Fighting!!"

These are the lines which I always tell myself when I'm feeling low or out of place. It really helps but still I don't know my mind still wasn't at ease.

My mom immediately after seeing my room lights ON, came to me and told me to sleep, gave a pat on my back and told me everything will be fine and told me to relax. That to be honest relaxed me a bit. I immediately smiled, gave her a kiss thanked her and lied down. She put the blanket over me gave me a forehead kiss and said Goodnight! I wished her back and went to sleep.

This insomnia won't leave me. Again it haunted me around 3am. I got a wierd dream. And that did not let me sleep.

Note: Hope you like my story. Please let me know how you feel. Keep reading. Keep supporting. Thank you!

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