A Small Girl with Big Dreams

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Chapter 3: What a Day!

I somehow went back to sleep. Next day, I

heard the alarm beep..And Ohh myy godd.. It was 7:30am.. Soo latee.. I was asked to report in my school auditorium by 8:15am.. Though my house was near the school, I still didn't get ready. I was screaming everywhere. My parents got panicked by my reaction. They helped me with whatever they could. I did everything in a hurry. And somehow got ready by 8am. Woahh..that was the fast. My dad would always drop me in his bike. But that day, his bike got repaired. That was bad.

Then my neighbour uncle offered to help me as his son also went to the same school and was my classmate. He said he would drop us both. Thank goodness. That uncle came as a lifesaver. Thank you uncle. His son though, I thought I was the shy one, but he was more shy than me. His name was Akshay. Though he was my classmate and my neighbour, we haven't spoken much. I heard that he doesn't talk much to girls.His dad mom and even his sister were lawyers. So I believe even he will be one. His dad and my dad were like a family. We were in this neighborhood for the past 7 years and since then we knew them. My mom even took tuition for him when we both were kids. They were very friendly. His elder sister Shreya, is a darling. I just adore her. I remember in childhood, and even now she was very supportive and very sweet. She used to buy chocolates for me, play with me and we used to watch cartoons together. Be it good or bad, she would always take my side. She's an angel.

But I never really interacted with Akshay that much. I've heard we always fight when we were kids, because Akshay was the exact opposite of me. He would always break my stuffs and was very clumsy. I used to collect seashells. It became my hobby. I even collected different currency notes. Whenever I sing, he used to make fun of me. And we would start quarrelling. But that was in the past. Now we don't talk much and I don't remember much from the past too. So it was okay, all in the past.

We reached school by 8:10am. I immediately got down first, thanked uncle and rushed towards the auditorium. I know I should have waited for Akshay but I didn't have time. I reached the auditorium at exactly 8:15am. Boom!! On time! Unexpected right? Okay! So when I saw the auditorium, I got the shock of my life seeing the crowd. OMG! Almost the whole school was there. Am I going to sing in front of these many people? Whaattt !! And you know the next shock. Someone tapped me from the back. I thought it was Kiara and started expressing my frustration regarding the crowd and my anxiety attacks.

And then a male familiar voice popped saying


I turned back and it was AKSHAY. What is he doing here?

I was like, "You sing too?"

He told, "Yeah. But not an expert like you. I play the keyboard. So I learnt to sing a bit. I came here just to play the keyboard, not for singing audition"

I was really shocked. He even learnt playing keyboard. And another shock was he called me an expert. How can Akshay who was mocking me all my life for singing, suddenly compliment me? I was literally having an emotion turmoil and mood tsunamis. Just then another news came which left me in shock.

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