Teeter Totter: A Poem About Sexism

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Stand with Women!!!

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Bowie5555 (Liz Hyman)
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I have been both a man and a woman,

and in my time as a creature of genders,

I’ve learned how some men see women.

Some men call women “sluts” because their skirt is higher than those some men’s self-esteem could ever be, regardless of what they wear.

Some men call women “prudes” because their standards are as sturdy as the great wall of china,

while those some men’s standards drop like stocks in a bad recession.

Some men call women “bitches”, because they’d rather insult a gal’s character, then confront their own demons because of a god complex.

However, some men can be respectful, and kind, and intelligent. I guess those were the ones who realized that women are more than an accessory

to their manhood, and can be more than mother.

That’s something all women know.

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