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By Tiffany Yep All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Drama

Chapter 1

My name is Joshua Lin. I am 24 years old. I am half Chinese, and half white.

I am kind. I am Christian. I am generous. I am a Good Samaritan. I know how it feels like to be poor and to live with a broken family.

I am a good person.

How do I know?

Here's how.

My sister's name is Leaf Lin. Funny name, you might say. But my parents, at the time, were huge nerds. They named her after the first playable female character from the Pokémon games. This was how they saw her-their first girl. Anyways, our father was not our blood-related father. Our mother, Rose Lin, had us with a different man, but was married to our father. We never met our real father, but it didn't matter. I guess you can say that our father, Lester Lin, adopted us at birth.

Mom was young when she had Leaf, maybe sixteen or seventeen. She had me later, when she was 21. Leaf was five years old.

My parents were okay, but one day, they started drinking, just after I was born. As we got older, their addiction got worse. I was mostly brought up by Leaf.

It pretty much all started when I was eleven. Once I came into the house from studying with a friend at his house, and my parents and Leaf were sitting in the living room. They all looked up when I came in.

"You're home," Mom slurred. "Your father has some news."

Dad was drunk too, but had a better time hiding it. "We're moving."

"What? Why?" I asked in dismay.

"Don't worry about it. Just go and start packing."

I was putting my things into boxes when Leaf came in and sat on my bed. "We're poor."

"Huh?" I straightened from putting away my PlayStation. we'd always been wealthy. "What do you mean?"

"We're running out of money. Mom and Dad are wasting it all on booze. we're moving to Westwood.

My heart sank. Westwood was a poorer part of the city. It was filled with gangs, dope-pushers, and thugs. And run-down everything.

"I'm going to have to get a job. Part-time." She looked into my eyes. "Are you going to be okay by yourself while I'm at work?"

"Yes! I'm not a baby anymore, Leaf. Stop treating me like one."

"Suit yourself." She tossed me a chocolate bar she'd bought form the store that day, something she always remembered to do when she went out, and left my bedroom.

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