JADE II (on hold)

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It's been 5 years since Jade Al-Adil has seen James Holt. Or as she found out, Jovani Hernandez. She's living the life she has always wanted-a well-known singer with good money, keeping in touch with family, and having a trustee companion,Alex. But with all the fame, she had to keep her child a secret. Not wanting the father of the child to ever find them. She was over him. And she is ready to find someone else to love. Until they met again... Five years he lost his love. Five years of numbness and loneliness without here and instead with another women. He hated how his life has ended up. He hated how was forced to marry a girl he didn't want. He hated how he has to create a family with her. He wanted her back. And he is determined too. It was time to get back his love. *All characters and events are fictional.

Drama / Romance
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The letter

Dear James,

I’m writing this letter as a closure to what we had. I am forever grateful for all the fond memories we made throughout the year and I hope you don’t regret a second being with me. I wanted to say a few words before I say good bye.

James, although we ended on a rocky ground know that I never regretted loving you. It’s strange what love can do to us. How I still love after all the crap I endured. I forgive even after you broke my heart. But I can’t get what I want. I can’t have a life with you. The betrayal, the darkness that lurked around us. It’s too much. Still ,we lasted quite a while. All the love we made, the one on the hill, in my room. The time crazy time we had in the club. My first sip of alcohol! But all good things has to end. This our ending. Our fate. I’m sorry we didn’t come out as what we wanted to be. I really tried to forget all the bad memories that we created. I really did. But I have to move on from all of this drama and I hope you can too.

My hope for you finally is to find a good woman, treat her like a queen and love her children. That’s all I ask for. I want you to forget about me and move on. I will forever be happy for you, even if I’m not there. Just know I will always love you. This is an official goodbye James. Until we meet again in the Afterlife.



Author's Note:

We are back babyyy!! Welcome back to the second installment of the the JADE series. This book will have more drama,new characters and new love. Thanks again for supporting my book in 2020 and lets hope for a better 2021 ahead. Hopefully the virus will fuck off :)


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