Tuta tara

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Unexpected turn of events bring khushi and Arnav together where they find their love and companion. Their jurney as partners.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Tuta tara

Chapter 1

Sounds of shehani could be heard. Her friends from neighborhood are helping her sister to get dressed for her marriage. She had been dressed in somewhat similar way for her unexpected marriage. When coming back to her home in Lucknow to attended her sisters marriage and helping her family in preparation or while dancing in her sister mehndi ceremony kushi never expected the turn of events where she herself will get married in the same alter along with her sister Payal.

Raizadas are reputed family from Delhi.Payal stayed for a short time with buaji in Delhi where the younger son of Raizada saw her during a temple visit where he accompanied his mom and nani.Akash took a liking to her and followed her for somedays. He presented his liking towards payal when the topic of his marriage came into discussion.Raizadas where happy to get him married to the girl of his choice and approached buaji with the proposal. By the time they came with a proposal payal had gone back to Lucknow. Raizadas came to Lucknow which happens to be their native with proposal. Guptas were happy to get a proposal from reputed family and to have handsome well behaved boy as their son in law.

The only demand Raizadas had was to have a double wedding where Akash will get married along with his cousin Arnav Singh Raizada .Guptas didn’t had any problem with that. Soon engagement was held and marriage date was fixed .Guptas agreed to have the wedding at Delhi as it was convenient for both parties.

khushi came to Lucknow only to help her family in preparation. she has to work ass off in her office for a whole month to get the leave . She had wrapped up every work and had rushed to Mumbai railway station at evening only to reach just two minutes before the train’s arrival.

She sometimes she wished to have four legs and arms to work.she had been demand by everyone. If her babuji needed her help in shopping and arrangements, buaji wanted her to receive and make the guests comfortable., amma needed her help in cooking and Payals to help in packing.

When she thought at least now she could enjoy the function ,the bomb was dropped on her “SHE HAVE TO MARRY ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA “as his bride chooses the day before wedding to patch up with her ex and to have a passionate make up only to be caught by Raizada matriarch Devayani Raizada. Now his wedding is at the verge of call off threatening the marriage of Payal’s. Akash refused to get married alone if not his bhai is getting married in the same alter there by asking Guptas to postpone the wedding.

Devayani Raizada was against it and she came with a solution that is to get Gupta’s younger daughter married to her grandson. Guptas without out a second thought agreed to it.why not? The burden they were carrying for past 10 years can be get rid off that too without much effort.

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