-And somehow, i met you-

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Teenage love story that has a sad ending. Written by Danzel Nicolette Ramos, 13 yrs old

Drama / Romance
Danzel Nicolette
Age Rating:

06-07 // part 1

William Garcia is Spanish American 14 yrs old Boy that live in California. He has kidney stones which was diagnosed 4 years ago and because of that he is always sad. And one day before the first day of school he went to the park and sat on the bench to draw and look for creation. While he was doing his thing a dog ran over him and he dropped his pencil. The owner of the dog was very sorry and said "oh my bad i’m very very sorry about that, my dog was fetching the ball and i didnt-" and William replied "no its okay no one is hurt, and its no ones fault so yeah." And they both picked up the pen but William got it first. So she said "okay good thing nothings hurt, i’ll bid farewell to you so see you around." And winked and left. William never stopped smiling since she thought the Girl was Pretty cute. Later that day He never stop thinking about the girl and how pretty she is.

(Next part is coming up.) ❤️😊

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