Forgiving You

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It's been years since the event that turned Aluna's life had occurred but everything feels the same, the pain and the anger feels exactly how it did so when she's forced to come back home after years of trying to escape, her life is thrown into turmoil

Drama / Other
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Introduction: 'You're My Happily Ever After'

My finger tapped against my reading book as i looked up at my fiancee who was in the middle of a business call, pacing back and forth and creating wind which had been distracting me from my book

"I'm sorry my love but I'm needed in London for a few weeks" stated Rhys, his thick British accent causing butterflies to erupt in my stamoch as he placed his phone down on the bed

"It's fine, honestly I have to go home next week anyway" I sighed as he turned to me, raising his eyebrows

"You've decided to attend the wedding?" he questioned as I shrugged

"Kylie was my childhood best friend, missing her wedding feels dumb" I stated causing him to let out a chuckle before kissing my forehead

"That's why I'm marrying you, you always put people first" smiled Rhys placing another kiss on my lips

"So when do you leave?" I asked resting my forehead on his so that our lips were only an inch apart

"Monday, Harold is sending the jet over to fetch me"

"Rich people problems" I smiled as he pushed loose strands of hair out of my face, using his knuckles

"Soon to be your problems, once you marry London's most eligible bachelor and multi-billionaire" he pointed out as I pressed my lips down against his soft ones

"The money plays no roles in a game of hearts" I mumbled running my hand lightly through his brown curls

"You're my happily ever after" he smirked wrapping his arms around my waist

"As you are mine" I smiled, mimicking his accent

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