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Warning: ❗This story has some explicit sexual scenes that may be disturbing for some.❗There is rape is this book and the main character becomes more into it. ❗Must be 18 and older and if you have triggers please, please, pleeeaaasse, be advised and read at your own risk. My mother passed away in a car accident when I was ten, she had married my step-dad, Carson, two years before. When I was nine, Carson started touching me. It was all I knew and I didn't know it was wrong. After my Mom's death he started focusing on me, and because of this I became a very sexual person. Because of being touched at such a young age, it made it to where I became polyamorous. I am now twenty and I am with four guys. They love me and I love them, so they are willing to try polygamy for me. My guys are also apart of one of the cruelest Italian gangs there is, that is located in America. They teach me on how to fight, shoot, and just be deadly in general. I am already a sexual person, what more could you get from a deadly sexual person.

Drama / Erotica
Cora Morris
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Momma's Wedding

I get dressed in the little white flowered dress Momma wants me to wear today. I put on my white socks that has a pick frill on the ankle and my white shoes that has a buckle that goes over my ankle.

“You look gorgeous, my girl.” Momma says from behind me.

“Momma!” I scream and run to her and she picks me up and twirls around.

“You ready to be my little flower girl?” She asks.

“Mmhm” I say with a very sophisticated nod. Or as much of one as an eight year old can.

“That's my girl.” She says with a laugh.

She sets me down on the floor and we go out to her car and she buckles me into my car seat. Then she gets into the seat behind the wheel and starts the car.

I look out the window and watch things pass by as we head to the wedding chapel that Momma and Carson had reserved for today. Whatever that meant.

“Alright sweetie, we're here.” Momma says and she helps me out of the car seat.

I follow her into a room that has a white dress on a hanger, hanging on the mirror.

I sit down on the little stuffed seat in the corner as Momma changes.

“Momma, you look pretty.” I say when I see the dress do down to the floor on her and it has no straps or sleeves. The dress has little white beads and lace to make it really pretty.

“Thank you, baby girl.” She says as she comes over to me with a basket that has rose petals in it.

“Now, when the music turns on, you'll want to walk down the aisle and toss the flower petals up in the air so that it will spread out on the aisle.” Momma instructs.

“Okay Momma.” I say, ready to do my job.

I jump up from my seat and ready to walk out.

“Not yet sweetie.” Momma says with a laugh. “We still have fifteen minutes before we need to go in.”

“Okay.” I sit back down and the door opens and Gramma comes in.

“Gramma, look I get to throw flowers, and this time I won't get in trouble.” I say excitedly and holding up the basket for Gramma to see.

She and Momma both start laughing.

“That's great sweetie.” Gramma says in her thick Italian accent. Even though Papà died when I was two from being shot, she and Momma are still good friends.

“Thanks for coming, Greta.” Momma says while hugging Gramma.

“It's my pleasure, I know it's not fair to you to stay being alone. I am happy that you found someone after being so heartbroken from my son dying.”

“Thanks Greta, that means so much to me.” Momma says with unshed tears.

“Now let's get the wedding started, shall we?” Gramma asks.

I jump up onto my feet again, ready to do my part for Momma's wedding.

I go to the doors that I am supposed to go in when the music starts.

When I hear the music start to play I go through the doorway and throw the petals up into the air and watch as they slowly fall back to the floor and I continue to walk down the aisle until I get to the stage and stand off to the side.

The boy that is holding the pillow with the rings on it, now walks down the aisle, he is Carson's nephew I think.

He stands on the other side of the stage from me.

Then Carson walks down the aisle with his Momma and he stands in the middle of the stage. His Momma gives him a kiss on his cheek before she sits down in the front row.

The music changes a little and Momma starts walking down the aisle.

When she gets to the stage the music stops and everyone sits down as the Minister has them do their vows.

“Do you Diana Wilson take this man to be your husband and love and cherish him until death do you part?”

“I do.” Momma says and puts a gold band on Carson's ring finger on his left hand.

“Do you Carson Michaels take this woman to be your wife and to love and cherish her until death do you part?”

“I do.” He says and puts the ring onto Momma's ring finger on her left hand.

“You are now husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The Minister says.

Carson steps closer to Momma and puts his lips to Momma's lips.

“Eeww.” I say grumpily.

Momma pulls back with a chuckle. Everyone is laughing now.

For the new two hours we have the wedding reception and we get food and cake.

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