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The years I grew up without my birth parents and how I survived tough times.

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My childhood

This story starts when I was born two days after the 9/11 attack which still creeps me out sometimes. I know that my birth family still loves me. I do often wonder where they ended up and how they are handling the pandemic that is happening in the year 2020. One day I hope I can see them again and tell them what I have accomplished when I was gone. It all started when I was born and everything in between. The first few stages of my life when I was born so I do not remember much that happened. The doctor that delivered me has been my doctor since I was real young. My doctor has been very kind to me throughout my issues and still is still there for me. She has encouraged me to do my best everyday. When I was born I thought that I was going to be with them forever. When I turned five I was put into foster care. Back then I didn’t know why these people were taking me away from the only people I knew until I was a little older. I am very lucky that I did not have to to move from home to home. At first I was scared because I didn’t have my parents with me but I became stronger without them doing stuff for me all the time. I haven’t seen my birth family since then. My visits stopped when I got older. I can’t believe it has been 18 years since these fantastic people took me in as their own daughter and and adopted me. When I got older I knew why I could not go back to them. They both had specific issues that professionals had to deal with. These five years with my parents were scary as well. I never got to have a conversation with my mother because of her health issues. I still don’t know if she knew who any of us where. The experience was scary and sad. My dad was the one who took care of our family. He was a great father because he helped my mother even though inside he was heartbroken. He was always tried to cheer me up by teaching me how to read, taught me how to use some of the fun online games for my education, he played games with me, and been there for me when I was scared and lonely. I am still wondering how he it all when he was hurting inside. I would love to see how he doing and if he is getting the help he needs like my mother. They were great parents to have and I will always love them. Even though I miss them a lot I would change where I ended up. I love this family because they took me in and adopted me. They have taught me to be myself and a better individual. They shaped me into a young woman who can accomplish anything. The reason why I moved in with this family was because it was very hard for my birth family to take care of me when they had their own personal issues to deal with. Not only did I have parents I had a sister with I rarely mention is because she never wanted to get to me. She was always in her room or she left the house. She also argued with our parents almost every day. It was very upsetting to see daily. I thought for awhile that I wanted to be just like her but that changed when I moved in with my new family. I ended up with two amazing sisters that loves me and has been there for me every since. They also has spent a lot of time with me. The only time she ever spoke to me was when she left with some guy. She told me that she loved me and said sorry for not taking me with her. We watched her leave with a guy who had a truck. I was sad that she never wanted to get to know me and never wanted to make memories with me. When I think of her I say to myself that I hope she is happy and safe and where she ended up. I just wish she tried harder with our family. Whenever they argued I was scared that someone was going to get hurt and I hated seeing everyone so upset. This did not last long because she moved out and so did I. I only remember some things that me and my parents did for fun. We went to the park and my dad taught me what a cd is. This is what happened in my early years before I moved in with my adopted family.

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