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So Aaliyah Moore is gay. That's pretty much been covered, but what the fuck else do we know? Nothing. We know nothing. The only bright side to this is that Aaliyah knows pretty much the same amount as us, nothing. Whatever, I guess knowing nothing is better than knowing everything. Just keep masking the masculinity until shit blows over, simple. “I don’t identify as transgender. But I’m clearly gender not-normal." ~ Hannah Gadsby

Drama / Humor
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“Okay. Is that all you’d like to tell me?”

“I’m not fucking kidding Reese!” Aaliyah pushes her..

“I didn’t say you were kidding.” Reese shrugs.

“So?” Aaliyah leans over the bleacher to get closer to Reese.

“So what? Of course I fucking accept you, you’re like my best friend! The hell?”

“Are you sure? I feel like something else is supposed to happen.”

Reese pauses for a moment.

“I don’t know. Should we hug? Is that what people usually do in these situations?” Reese extends her arms and hosts a cheesy smile.

“It’s not like I’ve come out before, idiot. Fine give me a hug,”

Reese squeezes as Aaliyah awkwardly pats her on the back.

“Good game,” Aaliyah says while pushing Reese off.

“Oh my god, shut up. We almost had a genuine nice moment. Just a lesbain girl and her extremely amazing friend hugging, but you had to make shit weird.”

“No, I didn’t make shit weird, you made it weird when you wanted a freaking hug!”

“You know what, I’m done with this conversation. I will not be attacked when all I did was console you in your time of need.”

“How about you be done and run laps because you’re about to fail gym if you miss another day of participation.”

“Mind your damn business! You know you’re just a sophomore right? I could arrange to have somebody ruin your whole life. Don’t play with me.” Reese waves her finger in Aaliyah’s face.

Mr. Scott, the gym teacher, glared in their direction as they continued their childish conversation.

“Then fucking do it! You’re gone by the end of the year anyway, you’re irrelevant.” Reese smacks her finger away.

“Ms Moore and Ms Harris, care to join us sometime soon? I’d hate for either of you to be forced to make this up during summer school. Especially during your last summer before college Ms Harris.” Mr Scott shouts as everyone else in the entire gym stares at them.

“But I’d love to spend some more time with you!” Reese fake pouts as she hops down the bleachers.

“Take the ‘L’ and run a lap.” Aaliyah whispers. “We’ll make our way to the group..”

“Aw what am I gonna do without you in college?” Reese teases.


They both pause and look at each other before continuing to walk to the group.

“Probably.” Reese shrugs as they both burst out laughing.

“Ms. Harris! Ms. Moore! Get on the court and give me 5 laps before I give you both detention.”

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