Tales Of Fikayo

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Fikayo is a Nigerian Teenager in a family where she is hated for something she didn't do. Follow her story as she goes through the rough phases of life

Drama / Romance
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Chapter One

" You this stupid girl, your demons have started doing you again abi", my stepmother yells.

I broke a tumbler unintentionally but my stepmother doesn't seem to believe. Since I broke it then she has every reason to yell. Supposing it was someone else she won't even bother but she has this grudge against me.

" I'm sorry mam, it was a mistake. The water on the floor made me fall, " I tried to plead but it seems like she won't stop until she beats me. " Did I not tell you to mop the water," she says harshly and slaps my face.

Instantly, I put my hand on the place where she slapped me. Tears start spilling down my face." I'll have to report you to your father. You've started growing wings. He'll put you back in your place, rubbish child. Clear this mess and get out of this place, " she hisses and leaves.

" Fikayo, come to the living room now!" my father shouts. She must have reported me to him. She would have told him lies but my father would still believe her ." I'm coming, sir!" I answer as I walked to the living room dreading whatever punishment was waiting for me.

" I heard that you've been acting out. Why were you rude to your mother? " he yelled. Keeping my eyes on the floor, I didn't say anything. " Isn't it you I'm talking to. Or have you become dumb?" he yells again and raises his hands to slap me but he changed his mind. "Tolu, bring the koboko from my room. It's like this girl needs a brain reset," he said to my stepsister.

" Next time you will think twice before being rude to my wife," he says as he collects the koboko from tolu.

"Get out of my sight, omo radarada," he says after beating me. Hastily, I ran to my room with tears spilling out of my eyes.

(Omo radarada- rubbish child)

When I got to my room, I locked the door, put on my earpod, and went straight to my bed. My room is large. A dream room for most girls. It's my safe place here, at least for now. Charlie, a song by Simi was playing on my ear pod. The song makes me sad and it also makes me think about my mother.

My mom died when I was 10 years old. It was a painful experience for me and also my dad. Her death changed my Dad and he keeps blaming me for it. I caused her death. That day was my birthday, so she took me out. On our way back I distracted her so she didn't see a truck coming. Our car hit the truck and my mom died on the spot.

Two years after my mother's death, my dad married another wife. I was devastated but no one cared about my feelings. My stepmom has two children, tolu and tola. They're twins and are my age mate. When my dad married my stepmother, she was nice to me but later on, she changed. Maybe when she found out that my dad never cared about me. Since then, she treated me like dirt.

I'm about to start SS3, my final year in secondary school. One more year until I leave this place. In school, I'm a loner, but I have a best friend, Shade.

She's like a sister to me. Her mother was a pal of my mother before she passed. She has been my best friend since kindergarten. she's the sociable one between us, I'm an introvert.

"Fikayo! Come and tidy this kitchen oo, don't let me remind you, "I woke up to my stepmother shouting again. This woman will not just leave me be. Aha na, shebi her daughters are also there. I dragged myself to the kitchen and it was a big mess but I still cleaned it since I didn't want another round of beating.

Tomorrow is the first day of a new session in school. Most students might be lazy to resume but as for me, I'm glad that we are resuming. School is like a getaway from this house for me.

Even though people call me a loner and all sorts of names, I'm not affected. I can withstand everything.

The erudite highschool. That's the name of my school. It's a great school, well facilitated. Mainly for the children of affluent people. But the students are a totally different story. Once they think you don't match up to their standards, trust me your life there will be miserable.

That's what happened to me. I was never the extravagant type. So I never fit in but Shade was always there for me.

After cleaning the kitchen I went to my room, I decided to read a book on Wattpad till I slept off

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