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Lily a girl who hails from Nigeria in Africa narrates her story. She doesn't know her friends and her enemies. She turned to this proud and rude girl all of a sudden that hurt the people around her.

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

How could I of all people ever be brought down to earth? Now I understand the adage which says that experience is the best teacher. I have now come to know that the rich and famous has so many friends now only because of their money and fame. The rich would always want to be friends with the rich.

Friendships like this are always built on lies. They never try to help when you or your parents are in financial difficulties. They will all just seem to vanish and desert you. They don’t love you, they only love your money. They are never faithful, they always seem to stab you on the back.

The people that you think that you will end up with and you are in love with will turn out to be your worst nightmare. I, Lily Coker have learnt that things are never permanent.

I, the only daughter of the richest business tycoon in the city have finally known all my relationships are totally built on lies. My dad and mom who come from Nigeria, Africa believed that it is best for us to all stay in a foreign land so that I would be successful. My parents were too selfish, they couldn’t leave their business behind. I do not even know who take after in actions and ego.

Before I was this proud and rude girl who never wanted to associate myself with people who are not on the same level with me. That rude me have now changed to a humble Lily. I have finally learnt my lesson.

Life is a stage full of different characters. Full of humor, horror, drama, tragedy, and romance. Well my life was always full of luxury. I always got whatever I wanted. I was never denied anything in my life. I was cared for like an egg. My parents believed money could buy anything even peace of mind. But my parents was always fighting or arguing. I was the only reason why they were still together.

I had everything, well, almost everything. My parents never had time for me. They were either at a meeting or at a rich friend’s place.

I was even neglected and because of that they left me with a very old man who was our neighbor. He looked like an old fox with which I never felt comfortable. He always called me his angel which my mom always told me wicked men who rape young girls always call them. I told my parents about everything but they did not listen.

I thank my stars that I was able to escape him on the day he tried to rape me. He started to touch my laps and chest. I immediately stood up but he kept moving as I stepped back. I didn’t know what to do, my heart was beating very fast as I very scared.

Very quickly, I reached for flower vase and hit it on his head. He was unconscious but I didn’t care. I just ran outside and went to report to the security personnel. Even after all of that, my parents did not still create time for me.

Life is good for those who have the right people on their side. The real friends wouldn’t allow you to go into the fire. They wouldn’t allow you to enter into trouble. No matter how you use them and wrong them, they would always forgive you when you realize your mistake. I have learnt different lessons from the first day of form 10.

By the time I got to class 10, I was already so spoilt and proud. I became the most popular girl when I got to high school and all days were extraordinary starting from the day my lesson began…..

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