I Can Only Dream

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A gripping tale of jealousy, obsession, love, and murder. When Alayna finally comes out of the closet, boys begin to go for her best friend. An unknown killer roams the city killing whoever gets in their way of getting with Vix. The duo works together to find out what the killer is up to and catch them before they kill more people. Will these teens catch the killer before he murders the whole town? (new to writing, spelling and grammar mistakes, sorry in advance)

Drama / Mystery
Lux Wells
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: pilot

“You can’t just control what I wear.”

“Vix, I’m not controlling what you wear, just simply helping you understand that you have less ass in you pants than out.”

“ Whats that supposed to mean?” She said as she grabbed a red dress out of her closet.

“Nothing. Can you please just hurry up, we are going to be late.”

Vix and I have been invited to a party for the first time in months. Vix is my best friend, she has been since we were six. We are polar opposites which triggers questions like, how are you two best friends? And many more that are too gross to speak on.

“ Alayna, can you please put this on? You can’t just wear black ripped jeans to every party you go to.”

“No, I don’t feel comfortable in dresses, you know this. Can you please not wear that, your tits look like they are about to fall out.”

She glared at me before throwing a black dress and heels, “put this on.”

“No way, I don’t want anything showing other than my arms.”

“Why, can’t you just wear a dress for once in your life. Not once have I ever seen you wear one in all the time we’ve been friends.”

“I actually have worn a dress, when I was a baby but even then I found ways to squirm out of them.”

“Alayna..” she gave me those stupid puppy eyes and it worked, again. I grabbed the dress and changed.

“Woah.. Lay, you look-“

I cut her off “yeah, yeah. Let’s just go before we are late.”

We hopped in a cab and went to JJ’s party. When we got there, Harmony, was in the driveway flirting with Thomas even though he said he wasn’t interested in her and had eyes on someone else.

“Hey Harm, how about you fuck off and go home.”

“You know, Vixen, you aren’t all that. I don’t know what he even sees in you! You are a disappointment!”

Vix flipped her hair and blew a kiss as Harmony stormed off to her car.

“Hey, Vix I- um I don’t know what she was talking about. I told her that I wasn’t interested and she took it out on you saying I like y-“

Vix cut him off, “Dude, I know you like me. It’s kinda obvious and I’m just emotionally unavailable, you know? But maybe another time.” She winked at him turning his cheeks red as an apple. She walked into the house and all the boys turned to look at her beautiful body, strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

“Hey, babygirl.” Carlos always had eyes for me. “You are looking FINE tonight!”

“Piss off Carlos, she doesn’t like you.”

“Says who?”

“Me.” I responded “you are a playboy and I’d rather not be a play date to you.”

“Whatever man.”

We decided to look for JJ. While we were walking around we ran into a few guys hitting on Vix and she did the wink and walked away, as usual. It isn’t fair how confident she is in her body, while I’m here in a dress that I just want to take off and put on pants. She ended up wearing a black crop-top that cuts off above her rib cage with black ripped shorts which are way too short may I add. Anyways after a while we finally found JJ with another girl.

“Alayna, Vixen! Come in, come in.”

“JJ, really? She like the fifth girl you’ve slept with just today.”

“Chill out Vixen, and she’s actually the tenth.” He shoo’d the girl out and kissed Vix on the cheek. “Thanks for coming, I need your help.”

“Doing what? Finding more girls cause you slept with the whole city?”

“You’re funny. No. Evelyn has been gone for three days now. She’s never away that long. I need help finding her and I know you guys find people.”

“Dude, we are seventeen year old pi’s, go to the police or something.”

“That will expose what I’m running over here. You know, ‘the goods’ anyways can you help me or not? After all, you are my little sister.”

Vix looked at me and looked back at JJ, “fine, but you owe us. And you’re older by only seven minutes.”

The rest of the night she drank and got high with a few of our friends while I sat back and watched. I was the responsible one, she, the reckless one. When the party was over I took her to my house and sat her on my bed. I took the floor, I can never sleep in the same bed as her because she likes to stretch out.

When i woke up she was still asleep. I had to go to work so I set a glass of water and an advil on the nightstand. When I arrived at work my boss gave me tons of paperwork and told me it was due by the end of the week.

When I got home, Vix was talking to my dad.

“Hey honey, Vixen and I were just talking about you!”

“Dad? I thought you were on a trip.”

“I was, it got cut short. I heard you two went to a party,” I glared at Vix, she knew I wasn’t allowed to go out of the house after 12:00. “I think it was a great idea! Study parties were my favorite as a kid. You get to share ideas with a ton of people, I just don’t understand why it was so late. Anyways I must get going, I have to pick up your brother from school.”

“A study party?”

“Yeah, he said he knew you snuck out, he has cameras in the door bell. So you’re welcome.”

“Oh okay. Anyways we have to get on this case.”


“Yeah, you know the one you agreed to before getting black out drunk?”

“Ugh, right. Honestly she’s probably trying to hide from him.”


“Fine. But if I see a dead body, I’m out.”

I rolled my eyes at her and pulled out what I found last night when she was drinking.

“So she had a lot of enemies, which means a ton of suspects. We can eliminate anyone who isn’t capable of anything but talk.”

Vix ended up narrowing it down to five people.

“Okay, here. Maria, Alexia, Riley, Rex, and Linden. All of them have motive and are capable of anything from talk to murder.”

“Vix, I need you to talk to them. I’ll stay here and figure out some other things, like what could’ve happened to her.”

“Okay. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

I tracked down Evelyns phone and went to see where it was. When I got there it was under a pile of dirt along with a few of her bracelets. I thought maybe it was just a kidnapping and they hid her things, but then I seen a body bag. I called Vix and told her to meet me at the part a block away from where I found Evelyns things. I didn’t touch anything and called the cops. When they arrived, they opened the bag, and surprise, it was Evelyn. I asked if I could look, it looked like this murderer had more than just a grudge. She had seven bullet wounds, but that’s not how she died. She died from strangulation but she was wet. I’m thinking she was strangled underwater. The killer was careful. They left false murder weapons and had no shoe prints. The detectives checked for fingerprints but there were none on the entire body, no dna under her fingernails or anywhere else, yet there were signs of struggle. We went back to JJ’s house and broke the news. He ended up just saying okay and moving on.

“I’m over this Lay, we can’t go back to helping people solve mysteries.”

“You were the one who agreed to this, not me.”

“I know, I know. I’m just saying, it’s a small town and there’s a killer on the loose, who knows what their after or if they’ll stop. We can’t get in their way and risk our lives.”

“No, but they can keep killing innocent people while we sit around and do nothing right?!”

“That’s not what I-“

“Then what did you mean, Vixen? Cause that’s EXACTLY what I heard! I’m sorry for yelling, but I can’t just let people keep dying and not do anything. They have families, Vix. A mother, father, children even. What if Harry is next? I wouldn’t be able to live without him. That’s my little brother, there’s no way...” I began to cry. I couldn’t lose another sibling, I’d lose myself.

“Lay, it’s going to be okay, I promise. I’m not letting Harry die, okay?” She grabbed my hand and moved closer to me, “not after Alice.”

She grabbed my computer and began typing. “Look, here’s everything that was on Evelyns phone. The last person she texted was..Harmony.”

“Harmony?! As in..”

“Harmony Blake, yep. They were arguing about Evelyn owing her over ten thousand dollars. ‘Evelyn you have until tomorrow to get me my money. If not I’ll handle you, myself.’ Sounds like motive and confession to me.”

“If we have reason to believe Harmony is capable of murder, why would I let you go alone? She already hates your guts.”

“Okay, you coming with?”

“Let’s go.”

We headed to Harmonys house and knocked on the door.

“Uhm, ew. Why are you here?”

“Harmony, we just have a few questions.”

“Who are you?”

I rolled my eyes, “Alayna Farrow.”

“Harm hon, just let us in.”

She glared at us and finally moved to let us inside. We asked her a few questions and left. When we got back to my place, we both knew she was not, the killer. Based on what we know, Evelyn died around 11:30pm, Harmony did have time to kill her when leaving the party but her alibi did check out. She was getting ice cream from a nearby 24 hour Walmart. We hacked into the camera system which left only one minute to get all the way to Evelyn and kill her. But this does not mean Harmony is innocent, she could’ve had someone do it for her, but we aren’t there yet.

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