The Hurt That Never Ends

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Domero's life has never been. From his parents being drug addicted to the hardships he faced as a teenager. Domero is a handsome 25 year old man. He had everything going for him; good looks, lavish house, and luxury cars. Yes, he was wealthy. Domero stood 6'0", brown skinned, curly haired, athletically built. When he walked in any room all eyes were on him. People admired everything about him. Unbeknownst to them, it was the life that he struggled with on a daily basis.

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Chapter 1: Flashback At Work

Just got to work, I can tell it’s going to be a long day already.

“Hey Domero, how are you doing this morning?”, said my co-worker Marcus.

I looked at Marcus and gave him a half smile.

“I’m doing okay. Just another day.”

I got to my desk and pulled out my phone to see if I had any text messages. I had a few, from random chicks. I don’t have time to reply, though. I have to get signed into the system. By the way, I’m an IT (Information Technology) specialist. That means I work with computers all day. I’m always storing, protecting, processing, transmitting, and securely retrieving information. May seem boring, but it’s what I love to do. I made a lot of sacrifices to get to where I’m at now. I pretty much started from the bottom, ah-haa no Drake shit. I was born and raised in Florida. I skipped over to Cali when I was 18. I just wanted a new start and to better myself.

I was having another flashback, but this time I was at work. That never happened before. As the flashback began I heard one of my co-workers trying to get my attention, but I couldn’t snap out of it.

Flashback: Mom has been gone for almost a week. I should be used to it by now. I keep lookin’ in the fridge thinkin’ somethin’ is gonna magically appear. I heard the doorbell ring, it gotta be my favorite cuzo Reese. He’s always lookin out for me. I’m glad that I called him. I opened the door and quickly grabbed the bags out of his hands and took them to the kitchen and opened a bag of chips.

“Nigga you just gon grab the bag of chips and not say thank you or nothin’?” , Reese said.

I looked at him and said “my fault Reese thank you and what’s up?” , Reese was lookin’ at me funny. I ignored it and started putting the groceries in the fridge. As I was putting the last lil’ bit of stuff up Reese grabbed me from behind, putting me in a headlock. I could tell he wasn’t playing by the grip that he had on me. “WTF” I tried to get away from him but the more that I tried the tighter his grip became.

“All I do for you and you think that dry ass thank you was enough? I want more than that. Don’t you think I deserve more than that?!”, Reese said.

My mind started racing, “WTF is this nigga talkin about?” My heart started beatin outta my chest as I heard him unzip his pants. I noticed a knife on the counter. All I could think about was getting to it, but before I could reach it Reese pushed me on the floor and I hit my head. I was in and out of consciousness, meanwhile my manhood was bein’ taken.

“Domero, what’s wrong?”, said Linda, looking concerned.

I was sweating and breathing hard. “Damn”, I said shaking my head. Everyone was around my desk. That’s not awkward at all. I told everyone that I was fine and I just needed some air. As I got up from my desk to step outside my boss walked over he looked at me with concern. He told me to come in his office. Once we were inside of his office (away from everyone) Mr. Ramirez simply told me that I could have the rest of the day off. I was so thankful.

I arrived at home in less than an hour. I hate the LA traffic. As I got out of my 2016 Aston Martin DB9 I took a deep breath and walked up the steps to my four bedroom home. I changed out of my stiff work clothes and threw on some basketball shorts and a V-neck. I figured I would chill until later. I’m glad its Friday me and the homies supposed to be meeting up tonight. Hopefully everyone would have forgotten everything by Monday. It’s so embarrassing. I turned the TV on and started watching a court show. I was laughing at how these people be acting. I heard my phone vibrating on the coffee table. I looked to see who it was and I saw that it was Marcus, I was hesitant to answer. I answered and he didn’t give me time to talk.

“Man are you good? I heard about what happened. Everybody is talking about it. Mr. Ramirez sent you home I heard. You got me worried. People talking about you was saying don’t hurt me, stop, and help.” said Marcus.

I appreciate you checking on me, but I don’t want to talk about it. I hope you can understand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bombard you. I was just concerned. I completely understand. I’ll see you on Monday.”

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