The Jock and the Pornstar (completed)

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*EDITING* Book One - 1&2 can be read as stand-alone. 18+ This book is dedicated to the wonderful Ayushi Jain. (theayushijain here and on Wattpad) Leon Thomas lost his mother in a tragic accident that left him without family. He reaches out to his God mother because even though he's 19, he's not mentally prepared to look after himself, or so he thinks. It's only after he meets Alexander he realizes he's stronger than he knew. Alexander James was tossed out by his homophobic parents after he came out to them at 16. He got emancipated but still never strayed far from home. At 18 he took the plunge and started doing cam shows to earn money and feel wanted and desired. He never imagined what the future held when Leon came barreling into his life. Follow Leon and Alex and they journey through their last year of highschool, a secret porn career and the mending of broken bonds.

Drama / Romance
Nicole Davis
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Ch. 1 - Hard Times


I am headed back home after school. Unfortunately, right now home is a shitty motel room. The closer I get the more I notice there is something wrong. When I get to the parking lot I see Officer Stoval, she’s been trying to help my mom for a couple of years so now sadly, we’ve started to know each other outside of her being a police officer.

They are in my room, I run for the door but she stops me, “Leon, you can’t go inside.”

I fight her, yelling for her to get out of my way, “please move, my mom is in there”.

I push past her but she grabs me again telling me she’s so sorry but I really can’t enter the room. A few minutes later they are dragging out my mother’s newest piece of shit boyfriend.

He clearly stoned and that pisses me off, “what did you do to her!”

I fight off Officer Stoval but she manages to hold me back by my waist. She tells me she’s sorry again before I finally ask why.

She looks me right in the eyes, “I’m so sorry Leon, your mother... She’s... She’s gone Leon”.

It feels like my entire life is falling away, “no... no you’re lying... she can’t be gone!” Officer Stoval says she’s sorry again and tries to hold me up.

I drop to my knees; the instant they hit the pavement I wake up on the bus I feel like I’ve been living on for an eternity. After my mom passed I decided to reach out to my Godmother.

Technically, I don’t need a guardian since I’m nineteen but I don’t think I’m in a place where I can properly take care of myself. I gave up my first attempt at sophomore year to help my mom. She was trying to get clean and she needed me so I’m a little behind. It’s a bit embarrassing so I don’t like talking about it much.

I was so grateful when Maggie agreed to have me come here, aside from her I’m all alone. I’m more grateful that she told me she’d pay for me to come live with them. Mom left me with nothing and my father... I haven’t heard from him in years.


I arrive at my destination, grab my bags and head outside. I see Maggie and her son. I wonder where her husband is? She reintroduces us but he’s not into it. The back of her SUV opens up, to my surprise Alex takes one of my bags and sets it in the back before he gets inside himself.

On our way home Maggie tells me how sorry she is about my mother and goes on to explain to me that I’ll be sharing the guest house with Alex. Awesome, he already seems to hate me. No pressure.

It’s about a thirty minute drive from the bus depot to the edge of the city and then another forty-five minutes from there before we arrive at their home. When we do arrive she pulls into a huge garage that holds about eight other vehicles.

Alex gets out and grabs one of my bags before he heads for the guest house.

Maggie yells across the lawn, “Alex, please come to dinner tonight, it’s at six!” He waves back at her instead of replying.

I grab my last bags and chase after him. Inside he shows me where everything is. Alex informs me that behind the room dividers is work out equipment for me. He points out the kitchen and bathroom before he heads up the stairs. He shows me where my room is, points to the middle room and says it’s the game room. Then across from the game room is the second bathroom and then the room at the end is his.

Alex then drops my bag on the bed and goes to his room slamming the door when he enters... Maybe coming here was a mistake.

I enter my new room and take a long look around. There’s a brand new desktop computer and a new Macbook on the desk and a huge tv mounted on the wall. They didn’t have to do all this.

I have just opened my bags to unpack the few things I own when Alex clears his throat behind me.

“Here’s the WiFi password.” I take the paper from him and he tells me that he needs peace from about seven to nine so I should use that time to work out since I play sports.

He closes the door as he leaves. Why did he spit the word sports like it’s the most horrendous thing I could be doing? He’s not wrong though, I may as well workout during that time.


Six rolls around far too quickly so we’re now sitting at dinner and oh. my. God. It’s so fucking awkward. Ben hasn’t looked at Alex and Alex hasn’t said much of anything despite Maggie trying to talk to him. It’s the most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been a part of and I walked in on my mom and her boyfriend before. I’d definitely prefer to be in my room.

After the most awkward dinner in history was finished, I thanked Maggie for the delicious meal and excused myself since I had a long journey here. I hope I’m never forced into that situation again and judging by Ben and Alexander’s demeanor, I won’t be.

I set up the Macbook and head to my comfort site, well… page. The page I visit is that of an amateur pornstar. He is absolutely stunning and a sweet soul. He helped me remain sane during some hard times over summer and after my mom passed. He was the perfect distraction from all the pain I felt. I really hope one day I find someone like him.

How would I even begin to explain to any boy I date what I want. It’s not exactly normal to want a boy that dresses the way he does and acts the way he does.


I’m just finishing up breakfast when Alex comes down stairs with a towel wrapped low around his hips. He is incredibly attractive. I have to mentally scold myself for staring at him.

“You have twenty minutes before we have to leave or we’ll be late.” Quietly, I thank him and run upstairs.

I hop in the shower before quickly packing up my backpack and following him to the... Jesus, he drives a fucking Range Rover.

We drive in silence until we arrive, “I will meet you here at five-fifteen since you’ll have practice until five. If you’re late I will leave without you.” Then he gets out of the Rover and heads towards the door. He looks back and locks the doors before he disappears inside.

Surprisingly, Alex was right in saying I’d have practice. I didn’t think I’d make the team because the year has already started but they aren’t as hardcore as my last school. The coach did say he’d heard I’d been the quarterback at my old school for three years and was impressed. He was so impressed just had a jersey waiting for me. Coach Stone asked if I had time to talk but I have to go so I’m going to meet him in the morning.

I hurry back to the Rover as fast as I can and Alex is leaning against the door, he looks gorgeous in the sunlight. The way it frames him, he looks like an angel.

He moves to get in, “you’re lucky, I was just about to leave”.

“I’m sorry, Coach stopped me and it was hard to get away”.

“Whatever. I have shit to do when we get back. If we’re lucky Maggie and Ben will be gone”.

I have to know, “why do you call them by their first names?”

Alex just stares out the window and I am starting to think he’s not going to answer but he surprises me, “I am no longer their son. They disowned me but Maggie wanted me close. I stay in the guest house and pay them rent. I also pay for everything else I need”.

Oh. I wonder why they would be so mean to him.

“Wait, what the fuck do you do?” He laughs, it’s the most harmonious, angelic sound I’ve ever heard.

I get lost in thought, wondering if a boy like him would be willing to do the things I like.

Alex draws me back from my imagination and explains that every year for as long as he can remember, they gave him ten thousand dollars at Christmas. Then he turned sixteen and decided to spend a small sum of his money on the Range Rover.

Slowly a realization slaps me in the face, “you got me all the stuff”.

He nods, “yeah well I need you out of my hair, what better way?”

It’s my turn to chuckle, “just let me know and I’ll work out or even go for a run”.

“Great.” He says quietly and then remains silent for the rest of the drive.


The moment Leon came into view I longed for his touch. It not reasonable and it can never happen but I want it to. There is no chance a man like him would want a silly boy like me.

Leon drives me absolutely fucking crazy. He walks around shirtless almost constantly... He’s so attractive I can’t get him off my mind, especially when he’s just out of the shower. Why does he have to be so damn sexy?

I kind of feel like Maggie is purposely trying to torture me. It should be criminal for anyone to look as good as he does, especially after a workout…

It’s going to be hard to ignore the way my body and my mind react to him.

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