Endless Revenge

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Denar is wanting to get revenge on the king, but in order to protect the kingdom and denar’s love. They will have to work together unfortunately. Inspired By: Tokyo Ghoul and The Dragon Ball Series.

Drama / Action
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The Revenge Begins!

Denar stands on a rock looking at his village remembering his past of how Kastu the powers of turning into a hawk that knows how to fight, can throw spikes at people, and king of the village killed his family when he was just a kid. Denar sheds a tear and goes to Katsu’s castle to kill him. Denar goes through a window and turns on a alarm. Soldiers come to him. Denar smiles and goes through them killing them. Denar goes door to door trying to find Katsu, but instead finds a beautiful girl named Silfa with the power of gravity and also Katsu’s sister. Denar thought she was in prisoned by Katsu so he grabs her meanwhile Katsu found him and is running at him. Denar breaks the window and goes to the woods where Denar finds his cabin. She tells him how she isn’t captured and is related to Katsu. Sulfa thinks Denar is a idiot and they become friends. Katsu sends soldiers to find them. They find Denar and silfa but Denar quickly takes them out, but leaves one so he can tell Katsu. Silfa sees this and tells him and he said that he knows and that he wants Katsu to stop being scared and face him himself. Katsu goes to Denar. Katsu turns into a hawk and Silfa uses her gravity power. Denar is shocked and then Denar and Silfa vs Katsu. They win and Katsu tries to think of a way to beat them. He calls the sword master Fexo and the next day Fexo and Katsu go vs Denar and Silfa, but the friends win again. A man with titanium armor goes to the village and says he will destroy it. Denar spied on him and couldn’t let him do that so All The warriors in the village team up including Denar and Katsu go vs the man with titanium armor.

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