Endless Revenge

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Brother Reunion!?

They lose against the man with titanium armor. He sucks up Everyone except Denar and turns them to little stones and puts them in his armor. He goes up to Denar and says “your still weak brother”. Denar gets shocked

“Celmar is that u” denar says weakly. Clemar smiles.

“How are u still alive”? Denar yells angrily. Celmar explains.

“You have been alive all these years and u haven’t told me”. Denar yells.

“It’s such a shame that I won’t see u again” celmar says confidently while making a sword stance.

“This isn’t u celmar snap out of it”. Denar says while crying.

“Bring her back or face death” denar said. Celmar smiles.

“Celmar u leave me no choice”. Denar says still crying.

Denar gets in a special stance and in his head he says “xender ”.

Denar teleports to a dark graveyard and hears a voice. “your not ready” the mysterious voice said then a werewolf comes out of the dark.

“ I don’t care just turn me” denar said.

“But vex said-“ Xender said

“ I don’t care just do it” denar yells.

“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn u”. Xender said.

Celmar charges at denar. Denar opens his eyes (black and red) and red energy all around him. He turns Varim Mode and Zegrin Eyes 2%. Denar dodges Celmar’s attack, then Denar grabs celmars arm and slams him to the ground.

“Your still weak brother” Denar says.

“Also say hi to dad for me in hell” denar says while remembering his past of how his whole family abused him.

“What happened” celmar said confused.

“Stop toying with me” denar said about to kill him.

Celmar explains how he was possessed by a demon and how their family is still possessed and alive.

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