Endless Revenge

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Denar’s Secret Revealed?

Celmar explained how he got possessed by demons and the family survived and got possessed. Denar was shook. Celmar brought back everyone. Denar told Silfa everything that happened. Silfa researched and tried to find them. Meanwhile denar went to a weapons shop. There he found an old friend. “Denar is that you after all these years” Arthur the owner of the weapons shop said. “Yes but this is not the time for reunion”. Denar told Arthur about what’s happening. “I will join u” Arthur said. Denar kept saying no until he had no choice and said yes. Silfa found where the family was and who they were. She was shocked. Meanwhile Arthur gave denar a device called iron skin which makes denar skin made of the strongest metal in the world. Silfa ran to denar and looked at him for a long time. Denar knew she found out. “Denar zegrin” Silfa said still shocked. “The zegrin have powerful eyes that can make them unstoppable if used with full power and to my research you were only using 2%”. Silfa said still shocked. “Ya” denar said. “Let’s go” denar said. Meanwhile the zegrin family feel the presence of the fallen sons. They meet up at a giant hole in a destroyed cave. Silfa, Arthur, celmar, and denar vs dad, mom, grandma, and grandpa. Denar goes varim mode and zegrin eyes 3%. Denar kills the grandma as fast as he can.

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