Endless Revenge

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The Fallen Sons Vs The Demon Family!!

Then a soul comes out of the grandma goes up in the air and splits into 5 parts. It goes into mom, dad, grandpa, celmar, and denar.

“What is this”? Denar said.

“You probably didn’t know this, but when a member of a family dies their power goes to the rest of the family and their hatred”! The dad said.

Silfa goes vs the mom, Arthur goes vs the grandpa, and denar goes vs the dad. The dad puts denar under a spell. The dad tries to convince denar to join the dark side. Meanwhile the dad in the real world charges at denar about to kill him. Arthur sees this and takes the hit and denar got out of the spell. He sees this and crys.

“Arthur”. Denar said crying.

“It’s ok denar” Arthur says.

“What a joke” dad says while charging at denar with a sword.

Denar closes his eyes and grabs the sword and breaks it. He opens his eyes and a spark of red electricity appears. A red aqua around him bursts and breaks the iron skin. Denar turns into varim 2.

“I will avenge him by killing u” Denar yells while looking at his dad. He kills grandpa and mom in a flash. The power goes to celmar, denar, and the dad.

“You ready celmar” denar said. Celmar attacks denar with a punch. Denar dodges.

“What” denar said.

“while you were busy crying over your dead friend I convinced celmar to join the dark side”. Dad said.

Celmar and the dad fusioned.

“Fine” denar said. “Come at me” Denar yelled angrily.

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