Endless Revenge

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Denar’s Best Friend?!

“You can't use zegrin though because you haven't been through what have been through. So that means your at a disadvantage and dont forget im a zegrin too. Denar said.

“Don't be so confident yourself” the fusion said.

“How about we settle this once and for all after all i've been wanting to kill you”. Denar said.

“very well”. The fusion said.

They fought and denar won and got all the power. 1 day later they have a funeral for arthur and Celmar. The village respects them and they go on a mission, but on the mission they see a kid with white hair and a black cat running. Denar decides to follow him because the cat looks familiar then denar remembers.

“Kut”? Denar says.

“Denar”? kut says. Kut stops running.

“Where have you been”? Kut asks.

Before denar can answer a group of people wearing black. They attack kut, but denar stops them and says”who are you”.

“I am so sorry that I was so rude I am slash and I need him”. Slash said

“well your not getting him”. Denar said while teleporting away.

They go to his cabin. Kut explains how they kidnapped him and used him for power and they didnt know all his power was in yogi the cat. Slash and the crew came and destroyed the cabin. Slash killed the cat and kut got his powers back. Kut awakened godspeed and killed all of them in a flash while only using 5% of his power. They completed the mission and went back to the village.

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