Endless Revenge

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Student Vs Master!

When they were almost there.

“Vex needs you denar” Xender said .

“Ok” denar said.

Denar was walking to the vex’s castle and silfa and kut decided to go with him. They got to the castle. Denar opened the door and revealed his master vex.

He bowed down and said “master”.

“How great to see u again, but I’m afraid this is going to be the last time”? Vex attacks denar with outstanding strength taking down the whole building, but I didn’t hit denar. Denar turns into varim 2 and zegrin eyes 5%.

“No need to worry master” vex’s other student Kanu said.

“vex why are u doing this” denar said.

“For 3 years I have trained and I had only one goal to kill u and drink your blood so I can have more power”. Vex said

“Kanu don’t do this” denar said.

“Do u think I’m scared of u”? Kanu said while getting powered up.

“Fine” denar said. Then out of nowhere Fexo, Katsu, and celmar came and were under vex’s control.

“Celmar” kut said while remembering the time when clemar and his friend were punching him and kicking him and denar stood up for him.

“Celmar is mine” Kut said while turning godspeed.

“Fexo and Katsu are mine” Silfa said while turning on gravity.

“This is war” denar said. Finally kut took off celmar armor and uppercutted him to the air and killed him.

“Go my minions” vex said. Out of nowhere giant bats came, but kut killed all of them. “Let’s begin denar” Kanu said.

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