Endless Revenge

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Kanu Revived?

The strongest minion tried to interrupt denar’s fight. “Your with me” kut said and kicking the minion out the castle. They had a fight, but kut won by stabbing his heart. Silfa was stilling fighting. Denar won against Kanu barely Now denar and Kut went vs vex. An amazing showdown, but at the end denar and kut won. A week later they had funeral for fexo, celmar, Katsu, and Kanu. Then when they left, Kanu comes back to life. He sucks the souls out of many even celmar, fexo, the minions, Katsu and vex. A year goes by, denar and Silfa got married and had a baby named sasu. Kut hears about a tournament to see who the strongest team is. Denar and kut enter the tournament as a team, but there they see a man with a black hood on. The man, kut, and denar all make it to the finals. The man with black hood reveals himself. It’s Kanu in a vampire form.

“U should have known that I have 5 hearts. Your weak friend only took one”. Kanu said.

“what did u say u bastard” kut said while walking towards him.

Denar stopped him and said “I need to do this”. Denar transformed into varim 3 and zegrin eyes 5%, but while denar was charging at Kanu. Kanu just slammed him to the ground.

“don’t touch him ever again”! Kut said, but same thing happened to him.

“Weaklings” Kanu said.

“I won’t lose” Kut said while charging up. Then denar came up to him and touching his shoulder. Kut looked back and it was Denar smiling. They both charged up together. They both turned into Godspeed x, varim x, and zegrin eyes 100%. They fusion and took on Kanu full power 100%. The fight went up to the universe. They had an epic fight until they killed themselves and destroyed the whole world all that was left were souls going to baby sasu in a different world.

Don’t Worry It’s Not The End. I’m Working On Sasu’s Story

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