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There is always a sadness about moving. I guess you wonder if where you are going is as good as where you have been. _Richard Proenneke

It was the longest 8 hours of my life. The plane took off at 7:55 am and the pilot announced that the plane was landing by 3:58pm.

I had spent the entire journey listening to songs from my iPod and pretending to be engrossed in a cosmopolitan magazine. I had to create a nice impression just like my mom always said.

My mom Ariana Rivera was a young woman in her late thirties. She was perfect and had a perfect nice face. Botox assisted though. She always looked like she was prepared for a reality show. My perfectionist mom.

She sat beside me on the plane and spent the entire trip typing away on her laptop. It was always about work.

This huge promotion meant a lot to her. She looked ready and eager to start. I searched her face for any sign of nervousness. None. How did she manage to pull that off?

We were waiting at the arrival stand for whoever was coming to pick us up.

My dad could not make it to the airport. As always. So he sent his personal assistant.

I noticed a guy carrying a large paper with our names written on it waving in our direction.

My mom and I moved to meet him.

He was a tall slim guy with a black wavy hair that fell to his shoulders. He seemed to be in his late twenties or so. He introduced himself as my dad's assistant. He said his name with a slight Spanish accent. Something I couldn't recall.

"I'm so sorry Mr.Rivera couldn't make it. He sends his apologies. Welcome to New York". He said with a huge grin tossing the paper into the nearest trashcan.,

"Get the luggage" My mom said intentionally ignoring him and pointing to our luggage.

That was her style. Or was she angry at the fact that yet again my dad had disappointed her for the umpteenth time?

"Thanks Simon" I smiled knowing fully his name was nothing close to that and handing him my powder blue box.

"It's André" he corrected with a smile, not feeling bothered by my mom's reaction.

Nice enough. Most people were often put into their shells by my mom's attitude. Obviously not him

I got into the black Range Rover he had brought to pick us up with my mom as he packed our bags into the trunk of the car and zoomed off.

A new house. I was wondering how big It would be considering the fact that my mom constantly babbled about the size and beauty.

My dad had sent me a picture of my room so I knew what to expect. I just missed him. I wish I could have him around most times. I missed having a dad. A real physical dad not the Skype and telephone type of dad I have had for a while.

"Here, have this. You need to rehydrate after such a long journey." My mom said giving a bottle of water.

"Thanks, mom, I'm good" I said my tummy gnawed from hunger I had been suppressing for a while.

"No Scarlet. If you don't get hydrated you would have terrible skin and chapped lips." My mom warned.

I had gotten this lecture a million times and that was the last thing I need right now. I hesitated before taking the bottle of water from her.

"Thanks, mom". I mumbled not looking in her direction.

She muttered something incoherent before telling Andre to speed up and complaining about how her cloth was biting into her ribs.

I stifled a laugh. That dress had been too tight I wondered how she managed to breathe and at the same time look so amazing and flawless.

In less than 30 minutes we arrived the house. It was definitely a wow factor. The exteriors were undeniably beautiful there was no doubt the interiors would be too.

There were beautiful flowers adorning the environment. Birds on trees chirped and the sound of the wind passing through trees indicated that summer was at its peak.

The door to the house opened a young lady with hazel eyes and black hair packed neatly in a bun stepped out.

"Good morning ma'am" she greeted wiping her hands on the skirt of her apron.

"You must be Miss Scarlet". She said turning to me. "Here let me help you with this".

Taking my bag and lifting up my box she motioned to the door. "I will show you to your room, Miss".

"It's Scarlet." I corrected "Thank you".

"Sure miss. Mr.Rivera has told me a lot about you. You are a striking image of his." She blushed.

I knew. I had heard this a lot from several people who knew my dad. I got the redhead from him and sizzling green eyes which had golden specks. Rare huh.

"By, the way I'm Annie" she said and kept on talking about how she only came here during the day to clean with her mom and cook meals for my dad but would be working full-time now we had returned. She also mentioned how my dad has been nice to her and her family. It took a few flight of stairs and few more babbling from the free spirited Annie before we got to a hallway My room was behind the huge mahogany door by the right.

I pushed the door open and gasped. It was a lot more beautiful than the pictures my dad had sent. Annie placed my luggage beside my bed and left after promising to return with the rest of my luggage.

I was not a Barbie lover or pink addict but whoever decorated this room had a rare sense of style.

The wall was painted a warm pink with lilac highlights. The entire room was filled with furniture covered in baby pink and gold. To some extent the pink was overrated. Probably my dad still feels I'm 13. Either way I loved it.

I pulled the window blinds and opened the windows as light flooded into the room. Nothing was as satisfying as natural light. I looked down the sight from here was amazing.I had a dressing table, a full mirror and every gorgeous thing a girl would wish to have in her room.

I moved to the doors beside the room. One contained my toilet and bathroom. The other was my closet. A freaking walk in closet. Wow. I did a little victory dance and walked in. I had always wanted one of these since forever. I'm so loving this house.

Pulling off my Balenciaga boots, I threw myself on the bed and heard my bones crack. I was so stressed. wondered how I would pack all the stuff I returned with. Well that would be later. For now I needed to freshen up and find something to eat.

I really hoped moving here was the best thing to do. My life at London was nice. I had made a couple of friends. I didn't get bullied a lot and life was a bit bearable.

Now I was back to New York. School was to resume by Monday. I had just four days to prepare for my massive return.

I thought about the few friends I had before I left. Katie. We hadn't talked much since two years. In fact no one knew I had returned. I planned to keep it low key and take them all by surprise.

These past few years of my transformation I had been totally off the social network. I had pictures of my transition stored in my laptop, but had never posted any on neither Snapchat, Instagram nor Facebook.

It felt good to be finally accepted into the society as a normal person. But each perfection comes with a price. Nothing comes free. Absolutely nothing. You had to sacrifice a lot in order to get what you wanted. I had sacrificed a lot.

I scanned the room for the best places to place all the stuff I had brought.

My tummy rumbled.

The churning of my tummy reminded me that I craved a meal. I opened my box to unpack there were piles and piles of dresses. Of I was going to do this, at least I needed extra help.

The knock on the door prompted me to dump the contents of the box on my bed.

"Just in time". I said as Annie walked in with two suitcases one bigger than the other. "I really need your help here".

"Sure Miss. I'm always ready to help". She said delightfully as I helped her with the suitcases.

"Scarlet." I corrected and she nodded shyly.

We set to work and she seemed very experienced with wardrobe organizing and handled everything almost professionally.

As we arranged the room, I told her my daily routines and how I liked my meals. Annie was a very nice girl and I was glad I had someone I could talk to around.

"Thank you so much Annie". I said when we were almost done arranging my shoes on the shoe rack.

"Don't mention Miss Scarlet". She smiled wiping a pink stiletto before carefully placing them on the rack. I felt uncomfortable that she still caller me miss, probably with time she would drop the formalities.

"Scarlet". My mom's voice blared through the intercom.

Was this actually necessary?

"Come down for lunch. You haven't eaten anything all day, you should be starving".

I looked at Annie and she nodded promising to get my room fixed by the time I was though with lunch.

I was going to keep my fingers un crossed for now because so far I was loving my new beginning.

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