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"Nothing is cooler and more attractive than a big comeback, and that'll be me" _Steven Adler

"I am beautiful. I'm smart. I'm unique. I'm confident. Yes, I'm confident. I'm perfect.". These were the lines I kept on muttering as my mom drove me to school.

Today was the first day of school and I felt a huge lump on my throat. I was so nervous. I looked pale even after having a tan all summer with my mom. I had also put on some makeup and bronzer.

I had woken up earlier than usual again today. The nervousness was choking me. I had to pull this off smoothly.

On Saturday, my mom and I had gone shopping for my comeback outfit. She got me this gorgeous bondage jumpsuit from fashion nova that was on limited edition.

It was so overrated so I decided to save it for another occasion and instead I chose to wear my fashion nova black high-rise Jean pants and a crop fuck-off sweatshirt. I knew my mom would explode with rage but I didn't care. I'm just used to her drama.

Dressing up took a lot of time than expected. I had gotten my long hair straightened over the weekend, but one glance at the mirror, I felt it wasn't good enough so I spent an extra 20 minutes curling my hair.

I wore a pair of Jimmy choo's and carried my Channel bag. I was dressed in limited editions of clothes girls would die to have. I looked gorgeous. I really did.

I complimented my look with a Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses.

My mom had been sulking about my choice of outfits since we drove off. I was glad we were running late because she couldn't get me to change to her previous choice. My added bonus.

Even with all these outfits, I didn't feel confident enough. I knew

to the rest of BHS, I would still be meatball.

I could change all that if I wanted to.

I was definitely going to change it.

"Scar?" My mum called out to me. "Hope you are ready for your big day?"

This was the hundredth time she was asking me and for a hundredth time, I also replied.

"Sure mom". It wasn't a Lie and it wasn't totally true.

I had my cell phone in my hand. I had been staring at it every few minutes. Waiting for any beep from my dad. A call. Text. Anything.

He had returned from work that Thursday in a hurry and quickly packed for a business trip to Miami. I couldn't even see him. How annoying.

Could it be he had forgotten I was resuming today? Well, I wouldn't be surprised. I rolled my eyes and threw my phone into my bag.

Looking up the gates of Bestow High School stood before me. OMG. I could feel my heart pounding. I was scared my mom would hear it too.

"We're here!" my mom exclaimed driving in. "Uhmm". She started again. "You know today is my first day at work as a new branch manager, so I won't be able to come in with you. I called principal Ivanka she would attend to you. Would you be able to handle this all by yourself?"

"Of course mom. I'm 17 not 7" I whined.

"I know baby. Remember first impression matters a lot. Remember all I taught you."

Oh boy. Here comes the sermon. I was scrolling aimlessly at my phone as she continued, thinking of how my first steps would be and how everyone would stare at me as the new girl without paying attention to what she was saying.

"Do you get me"? She asked

"Yes, mom. I did" don't blame me it wasn't actually a Lie.

"Also no junks. Eat only veggies and most importantly drink lots of water". she said

"Fine" I replied as the car rolled to a stop. "Bye mom". Carrying my bag I opened the door to leave.

"Wait a minute Scar". She removed her seat belt and stepped out of the car.

She looked Stunning.

"You forgot this." She leaned and pecked me twice on my cheeks. "That's for my unending love and also for good luck".

Of course, I really needed it.

She had relived a good amount of tension in my nerves.

"Thanks a lot, mom. I love you. And also you look ravishing" I said making her blush so hard.

"Now go there and show 'em all how the Rivera's slay with style," She said like a football coach. Only this time she was my fashion and style coach.

"You too mom. The hottest branch manager in New York" I teased giving her two thumbs up.

"Andre will pick you up after school okay," she said in a hurry as she got into the car.

"Okay, mom." I replied as she blew me a kiss. I caught the kiss and placed it on my heart.

She was annoying and at the same time so sweet.

I turned to face the familiar building with marble steps at the entrance. The school was the same as always. There were no new changes I could spot so far. Although it was just a few minutes after 8, no student was seen lurking around outside the school building. Few late students were trying as much as possible to get to their classes unnoticed probably to escape detention or getting caught by the principal.

Unlike other new students, I didn't find it hard to know my way around here. I wasn't totally new I was just transformed.

I walked towards the principal's office. I couldn't help but notice all the eyes that turned to stare at me. Yeah, the newbie stare. Probably by now, news must have gone round about the transfer student because BHS almost never accepts transfer students, especially in a final year.

I loved that the students were gawking and practically drooling.

I didn't know where the confidence that overwhelmed me had appeared from, but I was totally using it to my advantage.

I recognized a few people, familiar faces. Though I couldn't really recall their names. Good riddance.

This school really had not changed much since I left. Principal Ivanka's office was still in its normal place. I knocked twice and opened the door almost colliding with someone.

"Sorry," I said without bothering to look up or care since nothing fell to the ground.

"Excuse you?" a mean familiar voice said rudely.

I turned and recognized her almost immediately.

Ava Charlise Townsend.

"Did you lose something?"I asked

"I think you lost your mind," she said with rage. "Why would you bump into me? Are you blind?"

"I thought I apologized. Or wait are you. God?" I said in my faux British accent I had severely practiced for my new life.

"Newbie. I must have imagined".she scoffed turning to leave just as the bell went off.

"Just watch where you go, you wouldn't want to spend your entire year bumping into people and paying for it".

This was just the beginning bitch. I said mentally walking into the principal's office.

"Good morning Mrs. Ivanka". I greeted with a warm smile. Her hair was neatly packed in a bun as always.

"Oh my. You must be Scarlet. Right?". She said motioning for me to sit down. She looked surprised. I knew she wasn't expecting this Scarlet but the regular Scarlet she knew.

"Welcome back. How was your trip back from London?"

"Very well ma'am". I replied.

"Your mom has processed everything you need. Welcome back to BHS and I must say you look rather gorgeous."

"Thanks, Mrs. Ivanka". I said as she pulled out a file filled with some papers.

"This is your locker number. I have informed your teachers you would be here. Here have this". She handed me a file and spoke a name into her intercom.

"My secretary would escort you to your class. The bell has just gone off. I would see you after school for other requirements. For now, Lizzy". She said as her secretary entered. "Walk her to her class. You have English first period."

"Thanks a lot, ma'am". I said with my brightest smile. She smiled and nodded as I followed Lizzy out of her office to my classroom.

As we approached, I could feel my legs shake inside my Jimmy Choos. My smile faded and nervousness took over.

We got to the class and Lizzy whispered something into the English teacher's ears.

"Come on in". The man said waving to get my attention.

"Class we have a new student"

He said as the class echoed with noise and boos.

"Common Scarlet introduce yourself."

The class stopped as if frozen by time as I stepped to the front of the class. I could see the entire class staring holes through my face and entire body.

For what seemed like forever the class was in shock and silence.

"Hi everyone," I said breaking the starstruck moment.

"I'm Scarlet," I said with my best faux British accent.

I paused and mentally closed my eyes and waited for them to remember me and probably scream meatball. But it never happened.

Was I was safe?

Maybe someone would remember me.

I needed to be under a pseudonym for a while.

This was all I needed for a great comeback. I'm Scarlet Tanaquil Rivera and I am officially back.

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