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Sweet Solace

It's a relief to finally do it and get it over with. _Candace Parker

"Hi everyone," I said, breaking the starstruck moment.

The entire class still stared at me in shock. I could see Ava giving me a bitchy look and whispering to Sophia. Was that her sidekick?

Whatever. She could be for all I cared They could never get to me, not anymore.

"I'm Scarlet," I said with my best faux British accent. "Scarlet Everest".

That was my mom's surname. I wasn't going to risk using my real surname. Scarlet Tanaquil Rivera would only be seen in the records.

I paused and mentally closed my eyes and waited for them to remember me and probably scream meatball. But it never happened.

I was safe.

I paused for a moment before I continued.

"I got transferred from the prestigious Putney High School." I was surprised. My British accent was intriguing. I could see most people focusing on the way I pronounced my words rather than on what I was saying.

Ava and Sophia continually exchanged glances and rolled their eyes in disgust. I noticed, not that I cared.

"I recently moved to New York with my family. It's a pleasure to meet you all". Again. I added in my mind.

The class was still quiet when I was done with my introduction.

Suddenly, applause could be heard.

“Welcome, Scarlet,” a boy with large eyes said. As if on cue, most of the other kids in the room began clapping. Some didn’t, but I still felt welcome.

It didn't matter. What mattered was that I had done it. I had faced them squarely without fidgeting.

They must have forgotten about "meatball Scarlet". The only Scarlet every one knew now was the gorgeous Scarlet.

"Okay Scarlet you can sit anywhere you like. By the way, I'm Mr. Steve." The English teacher said turning to the board.

"Thank you, Mr. Steve". I said

Some chairs were empty. I looked around the class there were people I had wanted to see but they were absent. Where was Katie?

I shrugged and took a seat beside a girl she had large pretty eyes that glistened when she spoke.

"Hi". I said to her seating down and placing my bag on the table. She totally ignored me and pretended to be focused on her textbook. Was she scared or what?

"OMG! Is that the pearl boy bag? That bag is so CLE. Channel limited edition." A girl with too much eye shadow and heavy pink lipstick enough to go round the girls in the class said pulling out her cell phone and taking shots.

Yeah, the Isabelle Swan. She never changed. Never will. BHS's major gossip queen.

She was going to post that picture on her gossip blog. In less than a minute, I would be viral. An added bonus.

"Yes, it is. You are not mistaken". I said with a fake sweet tone.

She didn't reply to me she was hurriedly typing.

"What did I say about cell phones miss Swan?" Mr. Steve asked

"Just a sec sir." She said still typing. No one could stop Isabelle. Mr. Steve knew that so he ignored her.

The class went quickly and soon it ended.

Where was Katie? She had to be the only one who would recognize me. But she was nowhere to be seen.

I knew she would probably be mad at me for cutting her off. I had blocked her from contacting me through Skype when I changed my number.

I had a lot of things I wanted to keep in my locker. My bag was getting heavy. So I left for the locker room.

I searched for the number on the piece of paper. I had been assigned to locker 112. I spotted it across. I opened it and changed the locker combination code.

I had always used 33-4-33

It was a random number Katie and I used before for our combination lock.

For a while, everything seemed normal. Easy going. Till I saw him. Ivan Wrightsman.

He was walking down the hall with his backpack slung carelessly on his shoulder.

I couldn't help but gasp. Ivan had changed. Puberty had gotten the best of him. He had grown taller and more handsome I must say. He even seemed Gothic, dressed in a black jacket and black ripped jeans. His brown hair was a sexy ruffled mess. I suppressed an eye roll at the fact that even with that type of hair, he somehow managed to look amazing. He had a sad look on his face like something was bothering him. What on earth ever bothered Wrightman.

Handsome or not. He was still Ivan Wrightman. The jerkiest jerk. And every jerk deserved a pay.

Something made me fringe as he passed me. For a split second our eyes met I quickly looked away.

This Ivan looked different. He acted differently.

Whatever. I heaved a sigh of relief when he passed.

A group of girls stopped to look at me like the had just stumbled upon a celebrity in the hallway. I even caught one taking a photo of me. Hello, I'm Scarlet Rivera not fucking Angelina Jolie.


A lot of people said several things as I walked through the hallway.

"Who is she?"

"She's gorgeous"

"Heard she's a transfer student"

"She's so skinny"

"Are those implants?"

I had heard enough from people as they passed me. There was no doubt I was the #1 trend on Swan's blog. My eyeballs popped as I heard the last statement. How rude!

I quickly put my books in my locker and arranged them neatly before closing my locker.

"Hi. Scarlet" someone startled me.

I jumped. The way the person said my name was in such a familiar way. Oh no. I had been discovered.

I slowly looked up only to see Ava and her girls; Sophia Del Castro, Vanessa Monroe, and Kimberly Smith.

They had all dyed their hair blond and wore mini-skirts similar to Ava's. Like they were trying so hard to be her.

Two was a perfect company, one added was the third wheel, what happened to four. Total wannabes. A look at them and I got the message. They were like the pretty committee of BHS. Only they weren't all pretty.

What did they want from me? Had Ava realized who I was? No, she would be the least to discover.

"Hi" I replied standing straight.

"How may I help you"

"No actually. We wanna help you". Ava said "Don't we?' she asked her girls.

"Of course we do" they chorused.

Sophia was re glossing with Kylie's summer edition gloss. A habit she had also picked from Ava.

It was obvious that Ava made Sophia and her minions her sidekick because popularity fades so the only way to keep it up was to suck up to her. How pathetic. It seemed like the hierarchical pattern of high school almost caught up with them.

"It was you from this morning at the principal's office right?"Ava asked.

"Oh yeah. Is that what this is about?" I asked. Feigning fright.

"I'm glad you know. I just wanted to warn you to stay away from our path. Unless you have better plans to move back to London as soon as possible. Because we could make that happen". She sang the last part like it was funny.

"Hope you got that?" Vanessa asked with a smirk. Her fake blond and multiple piercings made her look like a striper.

"Very well Tinkerbell" I rolled my eyes looking at her almost shredded mini skirt and too cropped top.

She looked at her outfit and back at me.

"Did you just call me Tinkerbell?" She scoffed.

"No" I defended. "Your outfit screams it".

Just then the group of boys hanging around their lockers bursts out laughing and chanting Tinkerbell.

"You'll pay for this!" She said and stormed out of the hallway.

"Too early to celebrate," Ava said as she flipped her hair at my face and followed Vanessa as Kim and Sophia joined.

Nice one. I gave my self a mental high five. This was just the beginning.


The day ran quickly and soon the final bell rang. I carried my bag to leave when a girl approached me. She had on the sweetest smile I had seen and wore her hair in a tight ponytail. She seemed normal. Only she wasn't.

"Hi, Scarlet. I'm Emily. Do you wanna hang out after school? I know a nice spot. I love your bag actually. I heard it's CLE. your shoes too. Actually your outfit rocks. Can I have a picture with you? Your hair looks good too". She went on and on without stopping to breathe.

How on earth could someone talk this fast?

This was definitely one of them. The social climbers. She wanted everyone to think we were friends in order to gain popularity. What a sore loser

"No thanks. I'll pass" I said walked out. Leaving her astonished and disappointed.

"Don't pay attention to her. That's Emily and she's no good" a calm voice said. I turned it was the girl from English class that had snubbed me earlier. So she could really talk.

"I'm Dylan McGrew by the way. Sorry about earlier in the English class. I was scared you were one of them, but after you stood up to the meanies I knew better".

"Oh that was nothing, "I said adjusting my bag on my shoulder. As we walked to the parking lot.

I found out she was nice and quiet. She had been bullied a lot and had built a permanent shell and wall between her and every other person, well apart from her best friend who couldn't make it to school today.

I texted Andre and after a few more chats with Dylan, he arrived and I exchanged numbers with Dylan, waved goodbye to her as I walked to the car. André seemed to be in a hurry and drove off immediately my butt touched the passenger seat.

Today has not actually been bad. It had not been bad at all. It was day one and I had scaled through.

I felt relief as I sank into the back seat of the rover.

"How was your first day?" André asked, looking at me from the mirror.

"Better than I expected." I smiled.


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