Blinded By Love And Pain

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Zelda was a shy girl who took life seriously. She had low self-confidence and played far from men. But everything changed when she found herself amongst the Grey family. The family which turned her life upside down. She was introduced to a new world of lust (sex), cheating, lies and betrayal. A world which could destroy a person completely. The story has a lot of twists and turns. It will keep you at the edge of your sit. Note: The book is not edited, so expect spelling and grammar mistakes. The book will be edited with time.

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Thabsile Thabethe
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Chapter 1

Night Out

Zelda POV

It’s been a year since I got my MBA and 2 years since I got my degree in statistics, and I am still dependent on my mom because I have no luck in getting a job. My friends Natasha and Bianca got jobs immediately after our undergraduate graduation. Not that I am jealous but I always wonder how they managed to get their jobs before I did, after all I graduated top of my class and scored distinctions in all my modules. I had applied to more than 10 companies but never got a feedback. Maybe it’s because I was too ambitious, only applying in the top companies in the country (ZA). Uhm! Let me stop thinking about this and search for more jobs, maybe I should also consider working as a PA or secretary.

As I was about to open my laptop and search for jobs, I hear a knock on the door. I quickly stand up, run to the door and before I opened I asked, “Who is it?” “Zelda open the damn door, you know very well that only Natasha and I come to your apartment,” Bianca spoke with annoyance. I opened the door and she just pushed in without greeting heading to the sitting room. Natasha on the other hand stood still on the door.

" And what are you waiting for? An invitation to come in? ” I asked her and then proceeded to the sitting room. She entered and locked the door behind her. As I was about to sit down, I heard Bianca say, “I found Max having sex with some bimbo in his apartment,” while crying. She continued telling us how pretty the girl was and how Max told her to leave since he was over her.

I honestly don’t get why someone will want to cheat on her. I mean she is the whole package, she has flawless skin as light as milk with no pimples or marks, you will think she is wearing makeup but she’s not. She has mix race genes, curly black hair, and a perfect breast size. She had an ass like Nicky Minaj, except hers was not fake, nice long legs like those Victoria secret models and pink lips. She is kind, loves cooking and very loud when speaking (she is a chatterbox).

“I’m sorry dear! That idiot does not deserve you,” I said without looking at her. Natasha was hugging here telling her that all will be well, all she needs to do is cry it out. I did not bother sitting down I went to the kitchen to make hot chocolate for everyone. My mom always says hot chocolate mends a broken heart.

When I walked in the sitting room holding a tray with 3 cups of hot chocolate, Natasha asked a question, “Zelda do you mind going out with us tonight, I don’t think I can handle Bianca alone. She says she wants to drown her sorrows with alcohol.” I handed them their hot chocolate and we all drank it without saying anything to each other. After 15 minutes Bianca asked me the same question as Natasha.” Zee please let’s go out, I know you don’t like going out on Thursday, but it’s not like you have a job or school so please, I really need this. We can go to the bar down the road.”

Before I could respond, my phone vibrated in my jean pocket. I quickly took it out to check who it was, but it was a private number. I contemplated picking it up, and decided to just go ahead and answer. ” Good afternoon Ms Green, I’m calling from New Tech group company. My name is Olivia Smith. The reason for my call is to inform you that you have been shortlisted for an interview on Monday 11 am. I will email you the details.” The lady hanged up without giving me a chance to respond. A second after she hanged up I received an email with all the details. I quickly responded to the email saying I will be there.

" Who was calling? ” Bianca asked me. “it was a call from the New Tech group company, I was called for an interview on Monday,” I told them with excitement on my face. “When did you apply there?” Natasha asked me.
“I applied 3 months ago, they were looking for a junior and senior data analyst. I hope I get it.”
Natasha and Bianca looked at me like I was crazy because I was crossing my fingers while pacing up and down the room.
“O...Kay ok ok, you will definitely get the job. Can we go out already. I need Mr beer to mend my broken heart, who knows maybe I will meet someone who will take me home.” Bianca said those words in anger. I could see that she was really hurt. She thought that she was going to get married to Max and start a family soon. They have been dating for 6 years.

" I’m in, we can go to H2O bar. I’m sure it will be empty today. ” After I agreed, I went upstairs to grab my purse and put a bit of makeup. I came back down wearing my long blue jean, red golf t-shirt and read sneakers. Natasha was wearing a short tight black dress which showed her beautiful long skinny legs, big cleavage and perfect back, she was also thin like Bianca, but not as tall as her. She turned to me and said, “Hell no! You are not wearing that; go and change.”

“No I’m not changing, I’m comfortable in this clothes.”
Bianca on the other hand was wearing grey shorts with a pink tank top. Both of them were wearing heels. “It’s fine Natasha she can wear whatever she wants. By the way Zee it won’t kill you to show a bit of skin now and then, you are always wearing long jeans and golf t-shirts. I thought after college you will improve your closet but No. If you keep on dressing like this, you will never meet a man,” that is what Bianca said to me.” Well I don’t want a man, I am okay alone. I don’t want another Zack in my life. Can we go already?” I said heading to the door.

Zack is my ex, we dated when I was doing undergrad. He was sweet and we did a lot of things together. He dumped me after 2 years of being together. His reason for breaking up with me was that I was distracting him and our relationship was affecting his grades. A month later he was dating a skinny girl. I guess he got tired dating a thick girl.

Yes I am thick, curvy and gifted back and front. I don’t like wearing tight clothes because they bring me unwanted attention. All my jeans are tight so I wear golf T-shirts because they are loose and stylish in my own opinion.

We walked to H2O bar, and we were there in 7 min. There were so many cars outside and the line was super long. Thursdays are normally quiet. There must be some sort of gig going on. Maybe a celebrity dropped by. From time to time celebrities came to H2O bar. The bar had two floors, VIP section, dance floor, sitting area both inside and outside.

“What’s happening today Ed, why is it so full?” Natasha asking the bouncer at the entrance. “The owner Ted is celebrating his birthday today, all his high class friends and celebrity friends are here. There are performances by different singers and different Djs,” Ed responded. “I guess we should leave, the line is too long, we won’t make it in. We will come tomorrow,” I said looking at Bianca. She looked me and said, “No I can’t go home, I really need to drown my sorrows we can go to another place. I really need to get drunk today.” I sighed and agreed. Natasha was busy talking to the bouncer, while we agreed on going to another place. We went to where she was standing by the entrance and told her that we will go to another place since this place is packed. As we were about to leave Ed said, “You guys are regulars so you get a free pass. You don’t need to stand on the line.” Bianca hugged Ed and we went inside.

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