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Blinded By Love And Pain

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Chapter 2

Ditched By My Friends

Zelda POV

We walked inside the bar to be met with super loud music, free glass of champagne, people dressed to kill and a number of waiters both males and females wearing revealing clothes and serving people. We were lucky to get a table near the window, close to the bar. The dance floor was packed with people dancing and kissing. A famous DJ was playing and he was surrounded by a lot of girls who looked like barbie doll.

We sat down and a waiter came to take our order. We ordered 3 cocktails and 15 shots just to start the night. As we were waiting for our drinks, I started looking around. All the girls were wearing sexy clothes and heels, and I was looking like I’m going to the supermarket. I started feeling uncomfortable wishing I just stayed at home. When I looked up stairs on the VIP section, there were so many people, everything about them screamed wealthy. The women and men there looked like they were from a magazine cove. There were a lot of celebrities and I noticed a few CEOs from different companies. I spotted Ted, the owner of the bar talking to one of the famous models. I am guessing she was wishing him a happy birthday. As I was observing my surrounding, I felt a tap on my should.

“Earth to Zee! ” it was Natasha giving me my drink. I didn’t even notice when they brought the drinks. When we were drinking the cocktails, the waiter brought a bucket with 16 ciders and the shots. “Sorry! excuse me waiter, we did not order this.” Bianca told the waiter. “I was instructed by the bartender to bring them to your table, he also told me to tell you that your drinks for the night are covered.”

“Is everyone getting free drinks tonight?” I asked without thinking about. The waiter responded politely but you can tell she was annoyed, “No, someone from the VIP section decided to pay for you, before you ask me who it is, I don’t know. You can go ask the bartender.” She then walked away. We continued drinking and talking after she left. I was not really doing much of the talking, I was listening. We drank the shots fast, competing on who will finish first.

After 2 hours of drinking and talking, Natasha and Bianca went to the dance floor. Two handsome guys who looked our age mate (early twenties) came to ask them to dance. They left me on the table to look after their bags and drinks as usual. Sometimes I wonder why I go out with them because they always leave me alone. I will sit there drinking and enjoying the music, sometimes talk to the bartender till we leave. Today we were not sitting by the bar side and the bartender working there was new. Mike is usually the bartender, he is nice and likes talking. We normally make fun of the people in the bar. I really enjoyed it. After 1 hours of being alone I started feeling uncomfortable. Every time we came here it was almost empty and so it didn’t bother me. Everyone around me was busy talking, laughing, dancing and making out. I felt like people were looking at me and laughing. I sighed and decided I will check my social media. When I opened my phone it was 11 pm. When I saw the time I decided to text Natasha and ask her when we were going to leave.

Me: Hey when are we leaving? I’m really bored, been sitting here alone for 2 hours. You guys have not bothered coming to the table.

Natasha: Come join us on the dance floor.

Me: You know I can’t dance, plus who is going to watch the drinks and wallets?

Natasha: Put them on your hand bag. And come join us.

Me: What time are we leaving?

Natasha : The party just got started, take a chill pill.

Me: Where is Bianca she is not answering my text.

Natasha: Somewhere in here. We well leave after 1 am.

Me: OK, I will leave you guys at 12 if you not ready to leave.

Natasha: No, make it 1 am.

Me: OK.

When I was done texting Natasha I started looking at my social media. The first Pic I see on Fb is Bianca’s photo with some guy. It’s a different guy from the one she went to the dance floor with. She was in a table full of people. I started looking around trying to see if I can spot her, but I couldn’t, this place was too big and too full. I sighed and continued scrolling down. Natasha came to the table, took her wallet and told me she is going with the guy she was dancing with. Apparently there was some party done town. She asked me to look out for Bianca, then she left. I was actually tipsy myself. I thought I will finish up my cider and go look for Bianca. It was 00:00 when Natasha left.

When I took a sip, someone taped my shoulder. I looked back and I saw this hot sexy man looking at me. He was wearing a navy blue suit which showed his perfectly built sexy body. Damn those muscles, I would not mind if he took me home with him. As I was busy dream while staring at him, he cleared his throat and said “Can I join you?” He took a sit before I could respond. I continued staring at him thinking why is he here, is he looking for Natasha or Bianca? Definitely not me, his type never talk to me. To them I’m invisible. I snapped out of my thoughts when he introduced himself.” My name is Nathan, but you can call me Nate.” I looked at him for a minute before I told him my name. “Zelda.”

“So Zelda why are you sitting alone?” when he asked me that question it made me feel uncomfortable, as if he was judging me. Uhm! “Well I came with my friends, they left me to go to the dance floor. Natasha decided to leave, so now I have go look for the other 1,” I said.

“Have one drink with me and after you can go look for your friend who might have left 1 hour ago with a guy.” He said that while waving his hand to someone. “one drink then I’m going.” He nodded his head with a smile on his face. The waiter brought us drinks. He was having a scotch and gave me a cocktail. “when did you...” he cut me before I could finish the question. ” I told the bartender to give you the first drink you had when you arrived.” He said that looking at me while sipping his drink. It was like he was waiting for me to say something. I just took a sip of my drink and smiled. ” You are beautiful and I couldn’t keep my eyes off you the whole night. I have been debating with myself whether to come talk to you or not. When I finally got the courage I came.” I looked at him and blushed like a teenage girl being asked out by her crush. “Are you talking to me? ” I asked him looking on the sides thinking he might be talking to someone else. He laughed and said, “Can I kiss you?” I froze and looked at him in disbelief. “Are you talking to me?” He responded by nodding his head. “Ah! Are you drunk?” I asked him with a smile on my face trying to conceal the discomfort. “This is my second glasses of scotch. I have been drinking water the whole night. I am working in the morning. So I can’t afford to get drunk.” he answered me swiftly, while looking at me. I was feeling embarrassed at this point. Why did I ask him such a stupid question?

I looked at my phone and it was 1 am. I stood up and told him I want to go look for my friend. Plus I’m tired and tipsy. “Will you like to go home with me, I could do with your company” , he asked me while staring at me like he was studying me. “No, I can’t, I have to go look for my friend and take her home.” I said looking down at my phone. He smiled and left.

I tried calling Bianca and looking for her with no look. It was impossible to find her in this place it was too full. I called Natasha, but her phone was off. I logged on to FB with the aim of looking at the pictures Bianca updated earlier. To my surprise, she uploaded pictures in a white gown with sum guy. I’m guessing they were in a hotel. I sighed and made my way out of the bar.

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