Scent Of Blood

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Burns, Breakfast, And Bindi

Warnings: Nightmares, drug use, cigarette burns, burns from boiling tea, slight nudity, being in a cage, forced cuddling, starvation, collaring, forced to wear a leash, tied down, stress positions, and casual insults.

Jack blinked sleepily, slowly waking from the small noises in the room.

Amara whined in her sleep, squirming around in her sleep and occasionally mumbling a soft ‘no’.

Screaming, she jolts up in bed, making Jack flinch, accidentally slamming his head back into the cage.

Amara breathes heavily as she swings her legs out over the side of the bed. Opening the top drawer of her pink bedside table, Amara pulls out a small white object.

Jack squints, trying to see what it is.

Amara’s fingers shook as she flicked the lighter on, lighting the weed and taking a few quick puffs. Sniffling, she takes in a deep breath and dabs at her tears.

“Are you...alright m-my love?” Jack looks up from where he was curled into a ball in the dog crate, watching the soft red glow of the joint.

Amara jumps. “O-Oh...Umm, Jack. I didn’t think you were awake.”

“You were screaming,” Jack says truthfully, leaving out the fact he’d barely been getting any sleep anyway. “May I...May I get out please, my love?”

Amara takes another slow inhale of the blunt, looking over at the clock before she blew out.

Baby pink letters barely illuminated the space in front of the clock. 2:44 a.m.

“Sure.” Amara slowly got out of bed, quietly padding over to Jack’s cage, and unlocking the door.

Jack unfurls himself from the balled up position in the cage, stretching with a groan of relief as his bones cracked.

Amara grabs his wrist and leads a slightly confused Jack over to the bed. Practically forcing him down onto the bed, Amara gets into her side and snuggles down in her blankets, until only her eyes were seen.

Shifting around so her face pops out, Amara takes a few more puffs of weed, holding each breath in slightly longer than the last.

A long uncomfortable silence passes as Jack tries to enjoy the fact that its been so long since he last slept in a bed, instead of on a hard concrete floor, or a slightly cushioned cage.

Eventually, Amara’s fingers burn when she attempts to take another inhale from the joint.

Sighing in resignation, Amara puts the joint out against Jack’s arm, who muffles a yelp as she tosses it into the garbage.

Amara shushes him, wrapping her arms around his skinny waist and hiding her face on his chest as she quickly fell back asleep.

Jack laid completely still, barely even daring to breathe as to not risk waking her back up.

Time passes slowly, and Jack watches each minute pass on the clock. Eventually he drifted off once more.

“Jack? Time to wake up my drowned boy.”

Jack blinks tiredly, looking up as Amara slowly comes into focus.

“Morning sleepyhead!” Amara beams, pulling Jack up. The look in her eyes made it clear to Jack not to bring up last night.

“Uhm...What are we going to be doing today, m-my love?” Jack asks, not really wanting to know the answer. The Owner had said Amara liked consent, but Jack didn’t believe he was that trustworthy.

“Idra made us breakfast today! I think Saoirse has something special planned! Since you’re so brand new!” Amara playfully pinched Jack’s cheek, who had to fight a sigh at being called ‘brand new’.

What was he, a car?

Jack follows Amara over to the other door in her room, painted an almost white pink, with silver swirls. It opened into a huge walk in closet, decorated with fake roses.

Almost all the clothes inside were pink.

Amara browses through her clothing almost boredly, humming or sighing softly every now and then. Eventually, she grabs rose pink overalls, and a short sleeved lemonade pink shirt with slight frills at the end of the sleeves and a square neckline.

Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, Amara pulls it off and tosses it into her laundry basket. Jack’s face turns scarlet and he hurriedly turns around.

“Ohh please, I’ve seen you without a shirt on.” Amara says teasingly as she pulls off her pants.

Jack hides his face in his hand, flinching when his shoulders are grabbed and he forcefully turned around.

Fortunately, Amara was once more dressed, and she giggled at his nervous looks. “C’mon. I bet you’re hungry, aren’t you?”

Jack nods slightly, allowing Amara to drag him out of the bedroom and back into her hallway. They exit through the bookshelf entrance, moving into a grand dining room where Saoirse and Idra already sat.

“Amara, how pleasant of you to finally join us.” Saoirse says, a sarcastic tone in her voice, her face not showing any emotion.

“Good morning Saoirse.” Amara beams, sitting down to the right of the older woman and pulling Jack to sit down on the chair next to her. “Eat whatever you want, Jack, else you hurt Idra’s feelings.”

Idra looks down at her plate respectfully, not daring to make eye contact with anyone.

Jack looks over the table, his stomach growling hungrily.

It had been so long since he’d eaten a real meal...

Grabbing the large serving fork, he moves two pieces of ham onto his plate, grabbing everything Amara did.

Pilling his plate full of breakfast potatoes, Jack tops his dish with a single fried egg.

Grabbing the fork by the side of the plate, Jack pauses, and watches to see what Saoirse and Amara would do first, noticing Saoirse’s harsh glare.

Idra grabs the teapot that sat in the middle of the table and stood, moving around the table and pouring everyone a cup silently.

When she reaches Jack, her hands shake slightly, making some of the tea drip onto the pristine white tablecloth.

Idra winces, her eyes widening as she looks up at Saoirse. “I-I’m so sorry Madame!”

“Spilling tea. And speaking out of turn.” Saoirse speaks calmly, in a way that made Jack’s heart stop in his chest. “Come here Idra. Now.”

Still holding the teapot, Idra hurries as fast as she dared over to Saoirse, standing straight and staring down at the floor.

“When I first welcomed you into this home, I laid out some very simple rules for you to follow.” Saoirse grabs the pot and begins to circle around Idra like a shark.

Idra tenses up, and Amara looks over at them, her face amused.

“Never look people above you in the eye, never spill anything especially not on my expensive tablecloths, and to never speak out of turn. Today, you broke all three of those rules.” Saoirse takes the top off of the teapot, and dumps it over Idra’s head.

The boiling hot tea burns Idra’s face and warms her clothes as it rushes down her back and onto the floor. Idra shrieks in pain, her hands moving up to protect her face, and getting burnt in the process. Her head felt like it was on fire.

“Don’t move!” Saoirse orders. “Stand there and let it soak into you.”

Idra whimpers, doing her best to stay rooted in place, biting her lip to stop any pleads.

“Now you’ve made a mess on my carpet, and on your clothes as well!” Saoirse reprimands. “Go and clean yourself off, and then I expect you to clean your clothes, my carpet, and my tablecloth. You will not eat today, and if you don’t clean them to my expectations, you will be punished more. Now go.”

Idra scurries off, and Jack stares a hole into his plate.

“Now,” Saoirse adjusts her skirts and sits back down. “Everyone may eat.”

Amara happily begins to eat, and Saoirse eats stiffly, cutting her food neatly. Eventually Jack forces himself to start eating, mentally reminding himself that he truly didn’t know when he’d eat again, especially not after what he’d seen happen to Idra.

Breakfast finished soon enough, and Jack felt like he’d burst with how much he’d eaten. Amara had quietly told him afterward that it was common in Victorian culture, especially for the wealthy, that breakfast and lunch were big events, and people would often nap after lunch while they digested.

Saoirse retired to the sitting room as soon as she’d finished eating, leaving Amara and Jack alone. When Amara wasn’t looking, an almost rare occasion as she seemed to love staring at him, Jack slipped two pieces of bread into his pocket.

“C’mon.” Amara stands, leaving her plate at the table. Jack mimics her, feeling bad once Amara pulled him away from the table and he realized it would most likely be Idra cleaning up after him.

“Where...Where are we going?” Jack asks nervously, not wanting to upset Amara by speaking out of turn.

“Out, to walk around. Maybe shopping.” Amara says offhandedly, grabbing the pink purse that stood out in the old-fashioned hallway.

Jack felt his heart lift. Were they really going out? Normally people like Amara kept to the shadows, kept people like Jack locked away in their houses, or kept in a shady looking bar.

His heart sank when he sees Amara grab the pink leash and collar he had the unfortune of wearing yesterday.

“Come on Jack.” Amara coos condescendingly as she fastens the collar around Jack’s neck to tight, clipping the leash on.

Jack blushes madly as he’s lead out the door and into the passenger seat of Amara’s car, hoping madly that none of Amara’s neighbors were nosy.

Amara starts the car with a rev of the engine, speeding out of the driveway. Jack rushes to buckle his seatbelt as Amara almost runs a red light, slamming on the brakes.

“Sorry love.” Amara laughs as she drives with one hand, putting her seatbelt on with the other.

At multiple points during the drive, Jack notices police cars in the rearview mirror, but none pull Amara over.

“Hey look, there’s where you used to live!” Amara giggles as they pass the bar and pull into a small parking lot. “Let’s go, puppy.”

Jack scowls at the nickname, looking up at the large neon sign at the front of the building.

Pink Cloud.

Jack gags as his leash is impatiently pulled by Amara, as he scrambles to get out. Amara kisses him, pulling Jack’s leash over her shoulder like a handbag and forcing Jack to stumble behind her, wearily trying to step on her heels or choke himself.

“Why hello Amara!” A kind voice greets them as they step inside.

Amara squeals, rushing over to the girl standing behind the counter. Jack almost falls trying to keep up with her.

“Look at you!” Amara squishes the clerks face, dropping Jack’s leash as she pulls her into a bone crushing hug. “You’re so big!”

Jack stares at the two for a second, before turning and attempting to bolt for the door.

Jack’s legs are pulled out from under him, and he falls to the hard floor with a yelp, his chin slamming into the hard floor.

“I want one!” Amara says excitedly.

“Why did he have bread in his pants?” The girl asks, crouching down by Jack and looking at him weirdly.

“Poor baby, he was probably storing it for later.” Amara giggles, the two girls hauling Jack to his feet. Amara daintily grabs the rolls off the ground and throws them into the baby blue trashcan by the restroom.

“Silly.” The girl ruffles Jack’s hair, grabbing his leash and tying it to a hook on a nearby table.

Holding back a groan of frustration, Jack moves to untie the leash, only for the clerk to handcuff his hands together behind his back. Jack struggles with his cuffs, banging his head down onto the table when he couldn’t get loose.

“Why’s this one so jumpy?” The girl asks.

“I only just got him yesterday,” Amara explains calmly, carding her fingers through Jack’s short hair. “He’s still getting acquainted with being out in public instead the back room of the Push And Shove.”

Jack rolls his eyes, turning his head to the side to study the clerk more. Her hair was more strawberry blonde then Amara’s pure blonde, and the bottom half was dyed a faint red. She had freckles dotting over the bridge of her nose, and squinting green eyes.

“Ohh, I almost forgot introductions!” Amara wraps the girl into a side hug, smiling down at Jack. “Jack, this is my little sister, Bindi! Bindi, this is my drowned boy Jack.”

God’s fuck there were more of them.

“He is just so cute, you’re so lucky A!” Bindi gushes.

“How-” Jack croaks, licking his lips and clearing his throat. “How old are you?”

“Nineteen!” Bindi chirps, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a pair of round glasses, which she peered through briefly. “Ohh, he’s even more precious un-blurry!”

“Bindi put those away, you look god awful in glasses.” Amara’s nose wrinkles judgmentally and Bindi hurriedly shoves the glasses back into her pocket.

“Now, how about we take a look around for some fun new stuff?” Bindi suggests. Amara agrees eagerly, the two girls chatting rapidly as they left Jack tied to the table.

Jack sighs, his eyes closing tiredly as he tried to dream himself somewhere else.

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