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State felicity; a state that was a long ago captured by the Euro-turkish Ottoman dynasty [murad iv] has finally gotten the permission to have a ruler. Safiye, a girl with a tragic life was unexpectedly captured into the palace along with other concubines. will she be able to climb her way to power?

Drama / Fantasy
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ᥴꫝꪖρ𝕥ꫀ𝕣 𝟙: ᭙ꫀꪶᥴꪮꪑꫀ

“Don’t you cry, Meleki” said Safiye “thats all you have been doing! stop it”

“I am scared, sister” said Meleki “I want mommy”

Safiye was a girl living with only her 4 year old sister as her parents were murdered by čelali bandits that arrived from Turkey.

It was the year 1625 that Prince Iskender ascended the throne at the age of 15, with his mother Ariana Begum having full power (as the sultan was still a child)

As an entthronement prize, the valide sultan (mother queen/ Ariana Sultan) captured women to be her sons concubines. Along the 8 other concubines, safiye was one.

the concubines:

1) Farya 2) Ayše 3) Mahpeykar 4) Mahfeyruz 5) Gülbahar 6) Esther 7) Atike 8) Ameera 9)Safiye

All the concubines were scared, of course. But, Fairuz Kalfa (kalfa meaning someone in charge of the harem) comforted them

The new concubines went to their headquaters. Safiye’s roomate was a young, terrified, 14 year old named Atike. She was crying hysterically. Safiye asked her “what happened?” Atike replied; “they assisinated my parents for nothing! they did in front of my eyes! i will avenge them...” and Safiye replied “my 4 year old sister is all alone....i dont know how she will survive..”

That was the birth of Atike and Safiye’s unbreakable bond.

One day, Fairuz Kalfa announced there was going to be a harem dance (the dance the sultan judges to choose his first concubine) (concubine meaning sex slave)

All the women got ready and Safiye was one of them.

They danced and danced until in the end, 15 year old Safiye got the “chosen one’s handerchief”

Safiye in her sheer seductive dress walked down the golden path as Sultan Iskender’s first lady, however, she knew that this was just the beginning. Fairuz told the girls of the harem “have a prince and you shall be relevant “ these words ringing in Safiye’s ears and she received the sultan. She bowed and greeted him and spent 2 nights in the Sultan’s bedroom.

when she came out, snotty concubines looked at her with envy. Maypeykar hatun (hatun meaning woman) walked over to Safiye. “What did u do for two nights? i bet he hated you” safiye said “what are we supposed to do, my ‘sultana’?” (sarcasm)

Mahpeykar laughed and said “oh i knew all you did was sit there! also, get used to calling me that”

Safiye replied “we had sex. two times. happy?” Mahpeykar in shock left the room.

Atike grabbed Safiye by her arm and said “I LOVE YOU!!!! you told her off totally! haha!” Safiye laughed and replied “oh shush”

The bond between Safiye and Iskender grew but Safiye lacked something: love for Iskender. She only used him for power and to later take revenge on him for seperating her from her sister who could be dying of starvation.

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