Invisible by day, fighter by night

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"You wouldn't understand, badboy." I sneer and push past him. Before I get two feet away,he pushes me to the wall. "Then make me understand,princess." He whispered in my ear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jazmine Rose Falcon is a closed off person. Born and raised in England till she was 14, then moved to a small town in Phil.People aren't even sure if she talks or not . She doesn't speak to anyone and she is mysterious. No one knows anything about her at school. With a mother that's not home often or at all at times, she has to fend for herself and her little brother and sister. Her father passed away a few years ago in a car accident. Her little sibling's are both from different father's. She is the main care giver for Jessica and Jude. Her mother is always with different guys and always leaves money for them to get by but Jasmine never used it. She may seem like the quiet nerd but she is nothing of a nerd. ~ Ryder Skydrine is the all American badboy. With parents filthy rich, he ALWAYS gets what he wants. He is a sleazy player who has girls falling at his feet. When he meets Jasmine, he expects her to fall at his feet but she does nothing but walks away. Suddenly intrigued at the one girl he won't have,he sticks to her. He wants her,and what the badboy wants,the badboy gets............

Drama / Romance
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Jamins P.O.V

I wake up with a groan and cursed under my breath as my alarm went off. Oh lord. How I loathe Monday. As you have already guessed, I'm not really a morning person.

I got up and went to the shower. I quickly showered and wrapped a towel around me. I brushed my teeth and applied lotion to my light-almost pale- skin. In the mirror, stared back at me the girl with a dark past and huge secrets she's keeping.

My name is Jasmine Rose Falcon. I'm seventeen years old. I have 2 sibling's by the name Jessica and Jude. We all share a mother but different father's. I'm the main care giver for all three of us.

I'm the one who provides for my younger siblings. My mother is never home. If she is,she just leaves us a few hundred dollars and leaves. She takes her clothes and may not come home for days-sometimes even weeks.

I sigh and brush my hair away from my face. My hair is past mid back and is a soft brown colour. My huge yellow eyes are shining brightly and my high cheekbones give my features a natural glow.

I tigh my hair in a high ponytail leaving a few strands to fall on my face. I put on my underwear and black high waisted jeans that have a few tips that give it a more savage look. I then put in a black crop top that has a built-in-bra and put on my dad's hoodie.

My dad used to wear this black hoodie when he was still alive. He would always tell people not to touch it. How I miss my dad. He was my best friend.......

I sigh and walk up to Jessica and Jude's room.

"Jess, Jude..wake up or you'll be late for school." I said gently.

"No Jas....just 10 more minutes." Jessica growled.

" Wake up guys...... unless you don't want pancakes." I smirked. This trick always worked.

"WE'RE UP!" They yelled in unison.

"Good. Now hot get ready and come down for breakfast. There will be pancakes........ and sausages if you hurry.

They both burst out of bed and ran around the room. I quietly snickered at my siblings. Jessica is like the exact copy of me. But she has blonde hair. Jude looks like his dad. I only ever saw Jude's dad when he came to buy stuff for Jude when he was a baby.

When Jude was born, his dad supported is for a while. But then as Jude got older,he was scarcely around and then after a few weeeks, he disappeared completely. Haven't heard from him since.

I provided for my siblings the best I could as I was young too. Mother was always out with new men. She never cared. So I was forced to grow up too quick.

I head downstairs and make their breakfast. They come downstairs fifteen minutes later. We make small talk during breakfast on how since today is the first day after summer vacation will be like.

We finish and we grab our bags and head towards my car. I drop them off and they each kiss my cheek.

"Bye loves. Tell me if anyone is bulling you so I can kick their asses." I grinned.

Jude shook his head smiling and Jess giggled.

"Okay,we will sis!" He rounded the car and came up to the window. He then kissed my cheek. "Love ya!" He said and ran off.

Jess just waves and yelled "Don't beat anyone up at school if they make you mad!"

I glared at her playfully and said "Bye dork!"

She turned around and winked." You know you love me too!"and then ran off. I smiled.

I turned to the rear view mirror and adjusted my hoodie with hair pins so it wouldn't fall off at anytime.

I mentally sighed. Well time to go to the place of misery aka school.

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