Invisible by day, fighter by night

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Chapter one

Jazmines P.O.V

I walked up the familiar stairs and hallways of the school. People were already staring at me. But I was used to it.

I was always the loner. A very dangerous loner I considered myself. People tried to get close to me to find out what my 'story' was, but I never let anyone close.

I got to my locker and pulled out my books. I shut my locker then headed to the library for peace. But as I was turning the corner, I bumped into someone with a heavy thump.

"Ouch! What the....!" He growled.

I tried to steady myself but I slipped. As i was about to fall, strong muscular caught my waist in a steady grip.

"Okay, I know Im handsome babe, but no need to fall for me." He said in a deep husky voice.

I scoffed and pushed his hands away. I peered at him through my hoodie and mentally rolled my eyes.

It just had to be Ryder Skydrine. The schools notorious bad boy. Great. What a perfect way to start my day. I thought to myself.

I tried to walk past him, but he gripped my wrist and pulled me back.

"What's your name?" He asked.

I stayed silent as I watched him take in my figure. Ryder was taller then me. He was probably 6'5 while I fell short only to bearly reach his chest at my height of 5'7.

"Can you speak?" He asked again only to get my silence as an answer. "Why don't you speak? I mean, you are graced by the presence of thee Ryder Skydrine. So.... Tell me your name." I remained silent all while he spoke.

I pushed past him and walked to the library. I sighed, knowing now that he will want to know about the one girl who had rejected his touch and not even offered her name.....

Ryders P.O.V

I was thinking about going after that mysterious girl dressed in blsck, only to have my thoughts interrupted by the bell ringing.

"Yo. Ryder man. What's taking so long?" My best friend Eli asked.

"Do you know who that mysterious chick dressed in black is? I mean I've seen her a few times but I don't know her name. Would you by any chance know her name?" I asked.

"Oh ah... No one knows her name. Rumor has it that she is an orphan and she got is involved in some illegal stuff." He said as we made our way to the class.

I fell silent as I listened to him talk. But as we took our seats, the door opened and she walked in. She strode past our desk and I couldn't help but glance back at her. I stood from my seat and walked to the unoccupied seat beside her.

Eli grabbed my hand and asked,"Where are you going Ry?"

I pointed to the empty seat next to the girl and said, "To sit next to her." Everyone was already looking at me. Since I have a reputation of being the bad boy, had always been talking about me and Eli.

Eli always supported me as best friend and he always stood by my side. So as I went to her, Eli followed.

I sat down and all eyes were on us. Sometimes I hated that that everyone always wanted to know where I was sitting or who I was talking too and all this bothered me but I never showed it.

"Hey." I greeted with my charming smile that made all the girls swoon. She merely turned her hoodie covered head and nodded and continued on her phone.

Eli snickered besides me and said," Looks like your heart winning smile really can't win all the girls."

"His right." I heard a melodious voice say.

Everyones heads in the class turned to look at her. Huh.

"Oh so you do speak after all. So since I know that you speak now, care to tell me your name stranger?" I teased her with a light tone hoping she would tell me.

"I-" she was about to say but was cut by the professor coming in and saying, "Okay class,let's start with today's lesson..."

Lunch time

I zoned off as I thought about her. That girl in black. I wish I knew her name so I would stop refering to her as 'that girl in black'.

"Ry? Ry? Ry? RYDER!" I heard Eli tell as I snapped out of my day dream.

"Huh?" I questioned.

"You zoned off. I've been calling your name for five minutes. What's got you dazed?" Eli asked with a bemused expression on his face.

As if he knew he continued," Does this by ant chance have to do with a mysterious girl dressed in black that no one knows the name off?" He smirked.

I sighed at my best friends knowing of me so well. " Yeah. She intrigued me. I flirted with her in the hallway and all she did was scoff and walk away. Then, I flashed her my signature smile and she didn't even react. She just nodded at me then flipped me off like I wasn't even there. I wanna know who she is." I ranted to Eli.

He laughed and said. "Finally met a girl you can't have. Atleast she is the ONLY girl in this damn school who has the brains to ignore you. You've finally met your match."

I stood up with a grunt and grumbled under my breath about who this girl was.

As I was still standing packing up my lunch tray, I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around to be met with her. The same girl.

"Okay hie. I really need your name I can't keep referring to you as the girl dressed in black." I said.

When there was no rely, I assumed she wasn't going to answer. So I stepped aside to let her pass but before I could, she grabbed my sleeve and tugged it.

"It's Jazmine. Jazmine Rose Falcon." She said and then rushed past me.

Jazmine....... I like it. Now that I have her name, I need to know who she is.

All these schools girls throw themselves at me but not her. She stood her ground. I need to get to know her.....find out about her......get close to her.

Mission find out about Jazmine is a go....

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