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Lives around us are random and short. Where you see happiness hides the most tears and tenderness hidden among anger. These stories are at the beginning, mid or end of a journey of random people. It can go on, if you as a reader can imagine further or as a writer can bring out the creative pen works. As you walk by tries to bring out some of these stories to life. They are short so is LIFE

Akhila Susan Babu
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The Track I have Taken

“Why are you saying these now?” He asked me in anger. I tried to hold back my tears.

“Nope, all is fine. I had a few things in mind and I.. I... Its clearing up now”. I picked up my pace.

“When are you coming home, Alan ?”

“I will be late love.”

Love, love... He used to call me that a lot before. Now is certain to call me that when he is around her, Charlotte. I could hear her giggles behind the phone. So he was with her indeed.

“Are you in the office ?” My voice sounded desperate.

“Yes yes... We are on a break. Long meeting these days.”

“I understand. I have made pancakes, your favorite.” “Ah, thanks love, bye”

“Bye love, take care”. He cut the phone in haste. Probably didn’t her me.

I was in the Towens restaurant,finishing my favorite latte. "Shall I interest you with anything else ?". The waiter was watching and waiting for me to finish the call.

"Nope. Here, keep the change" I gave out every cent in my purse, tried to smile and walked out. He seemed to be curious. Maybe it was the tip.

As I walked down the bridge towards the rails, I paused for a while. I loved the autumn days. It reminds me that nothing lasts forever. I knew it all along. Eternity is a far fetched dream. Never thought it would end so soon for me. Oh God, I am tearing up again.

I walked to the platform. The time was around 4:15 PM. It seemed a little dark for the time. Not too busy. People are getting off their work. Time flies fast. 13 years ago, we met for the first time on this station after landing in London. Memories rushes back to me a lot mow. I met the man of my dreams on that day. Now, he is sleeping with dreams other than myself. Robin, Linda and now Charlotte.

These dreams came into my life almost 7 years after my marriage. The issue was clear. He got tried and he wanted something new. So went for other options.

There is no way that I could turn back now. I ratted him out on Linda and he promised me that he’ll be faithful. I should have been careful.

The train’s sound closing in broke the silence of my mind. The train in which we met. The train that gave me a chance for love. I believe that every girl has a drama in her life. It could start with her parents, siblings or others. I never had any of that to begin with. That is why I fell for him. Fast and deep.

I remembered all our moments. The first time our eyes met, the first kiss, our wedding , first dance and all of that. Then came the image of Linda and Charlotte. Both beautiful and young. Both cunning.

The train was closing in.With a sigh, I let go of the last thread that connected me to him. Our wedding ring. The one he brought with his first salary. I let the ring loose, shed my last tear and jumped...

To my eternity without him.

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