The Gangleader and Me ✅✔ (completely cliché)

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Ashley Sky is the daughter of a millionaire and she's typical a badass, but kinda a nerd at times. She has two side, a good sweet side and the side which no one should mess with. So moving to a new town and attending a new school, she decided to play it cool. She placed her badass ways behind her and went with the flow. But everything went downward when she parked at the wrong spot at school... The school breathtaking handsome bad boy, Tyson King parking spot. Tyson king is the school main bad boy and player. He's the Captain of the football team and the Gangleader of the Q's - Quest Gang which is currently one of the strongest gang in town. He's been looking for a badass bitch and he knows whenever he finds her there's no turning back for them both. What will happen when these two meet each others?

Drama / Romance
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Welcome to Beverly Hill High!

Welcome to Beverly Hills High?

Chapter One

Ashley POV

"Ashley, I don't want you to cause any trouble at this school, understood?" Dad asked and I sighed.

"I will keep my head down and stay out of trouble though I always run into one." I smiled innocently and he glared at me.

"Ashley, I am serious." He said a bit louder and I nodded.

"Me too, Dad." With that I kissed his cheek and I ran out of the house before that stepmom of mine come rolling by to lecture me too. I head out of the mansion and hopped onto my bike which I shouldn't be riding according to my Dad 'reputation'.

I put on my helmet and started up the bike. I drift towards the gate where the security was standing and through the gate I went after he opened it. I knew Dad is going to be angry when he finds out about this but I don't care.

In a few minutes of drifting on the road towards my new school and breaking two stop lights, I finally reached. As I drove up into the parking lot, all eyes came my way and I rolled my eyes.

Beverly Hill High?

I found a nice empty space in the lot so I parked there. I slowly hop off and I stood beside my bike. I looked around to see everyone watching my every single move. My hair was let loose as I took my helmet off and placed it on my bike. I flashed my hair behind my shoulders as I walked towards the entrance of the school building.

"Hey you!" I heard this voice yelled towards me and I sighed.

I slowly turned around to see a pair of sparkling blue eyes coming my way, but they looked very annoyed. He had dirty blond hair which was styled upward in a bad boy way and he looked hot but pissed towards me. He was in a black ripped pants and a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket.

Why am I checking him out? He is cute, but still I don't like his attitude. I realized he had two more Greek gods beside him and they all stood before me. Interesting!

"What?" I asked.

"You parked your bike in my spot." He said with a slight glare and I rolled my eyes.

"Do you see me giving a single fuck if it's your spot or not? I don't see your name on it, so what's the problem?" I said as I looked behind him at my bike in the spot, and he glared at me.

Hot temper?

"You look new, so I will just let that slide. But I need to park my bike at my spot, so get your bike out of my spot. Understood?" He spoke slowly and I rolled my eyes.

"I am not moving my bike because I was here first and I saw the spot first. So, I parked first and I repeat myself again.... I don't see your name on it, so I will not move my bike to please you nor a soul. So good luck with that and I swear... If you touch my bike, you will regret it. Take that as a warning." I walked away from the crowd which was growing bigger and I heard him scoff. The two boys beside him laughed.

"You're the one that will be regretting this later and take that as a hint." I heard him yelling and I smirked.

"Hint taken, asshole." I yelled back as I continued to walked and I glanced him smirking.

"Make sure, blonde."


The bell rings for second class and I groaned as everyone came out of the class. I stood up and I walked out of the boring history class. I looked for my locker again but instead I bumped up into someone.

"Not you again." That sexy voice said and I rolled my eyes.

"What a big school we are in?" I rolled my eyes as I took a step around him.

"Big school with a lot of bitches." He smirked as he turned to me and I tried to stay calm.

"Yep, starting with the biggest one which is you." I said bluntly as I stopped at my locker.

"And ending at you." I heard him presuming.

"You're damn right! It's better to be a bitch than a man whore and straight back at you, punk." I smirked and his smirk fell. I stared at him, and he stared back as I started to smirk at his silence.

"Do you need me to draw a map to show you the way to get the fuck out of my school and my parking spot?" He asked bluntly as he slowly walked over to me. I rolled my eyes as I took my books out.

"No, but I can draw you a map so when I tell you to fuck off, you know exactly where to go." I smirked and he smirks back.

"And where is that, in your bed?" The crowd came walking in again and I fake chuckled.

"You wish loser." I smirked as I slammed the locker closed.

"And why would I want someone like you?" He asked bluntly and I shrugged, not feeling hurt.

"Because you can't get someone like me, asshole. I am in limited edition and there're no copies of me. So see ya!" I did a little salute with a wink and walked through the parting crowd.


It was finally time for my last class but I couldn't find the class typically and I ended up getting lost. I think I am lost but maybe I am not, I don't know because I couldn't tell. How fucking stupid?

I sighed as I shook my head at that thought and suddenly a figure came rolling in. It was one of the dudes which was with that main Asshole since morning and I don't even know their names. He saw me and smirked.

"Are you lost?" He chuckled.

"I don't know, um skyscraper." I said, not knowing his name, and he chuckled.

"My name is Chase. What's yours?" He said. He has green eyes and black hair. Kinda cute too?

"Ashley." I said in boredom and he chuckled.

"Which class do you have now?" He asked. He is kinda different from that asshole in a mannered way, I guess.

"Math. At room 214." I recalled.

"214?" He asked and I nod.

"I am in that class too. So we can go together." He said and I shrugged.

"Oh come on, I won't bite. Plus, do you want me to leave you here walking around like a maniac?" He smirked.

"No, you don't." I smirked back and he laughs.

We turned down the hall and we stopped at a door that says '214'. As we entered the class, the teacher stopped whatever she was doing and all eyes were on us.

Let the drama beings, again!

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