Not Even A Soldier (book 4)

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Rylee Jones is the baby of the Jones family. Growing up, she watched her dad and brothers effortlessly train and save dozens of girls from Sex Trafficking. After her trama of helplessly watching Dani get whipped to protect her at the age of 2 all she's wanted was to be like Dani and older sister Sasha. However after Cassie and Kaden made it clear the girls are no longer allowed to join she starts lashing out. At the age of 16 She meets a mysterious man (Müller) at a motorcycle show who is sexy, dangerous and all that she craves. She sleeps with him only to be ghosted after one encounter. Getting in to motorcycle races is how she replaces her anger and hurt. Being the best racer and a female brings her more trouble then the mafia could ever do. The rush of danger is a drug she's addicted to, with and Cassies sass and Kadens stubbornness she's bout to find herself on several peoples list. Noah Müller is a Racer who becomes a Employee of Sebastian Jones. Using his connections in the biker world , he becomes Sebastians best money maker. What happens when Noah Discovers Rylee is the girl he slept with and ditched 5 years ago? Not only is she is bosses sister but she is the infamous racer that all his friends been raving about? Will he be the one to finally tame Rylees wild side or will he be the one to tip her over the edge?

Drama / Erotica
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Rylees POV

I'm Rylee Jones and I'm 16 years old and I’m the youngest child to Kaden and Cassie Jones. I'm a sophomore in high school and not very liked. My family runs the Puerto Rican mafia and have been since my great great grandpa. For as long as I can remember, daddy and my brothers have been training Me, Sky, Abel, Quinn and the twins Lenny and Liam.

I've never wanted nothing more then to earn my place in the family business. I ride motorcycles as well, I have a 2010 pink Kawasaki ninja. Bashie and Dani got me my first bike for my 3rd birthday and I've been addicted ever since.

Recently I was told that while Sky and I have been training our asses off we won't be able to join the gang. To say I was mad is a complete understatement. I have a friend who knows people that are apart of underground racing and fighting rings. Tonight I'm going to a bike show. If I can't be in the gang, I'll fucking race. Next to dancing that is probably the only thing I live for.

The woman in my family are all dancers so it's only natural that I follow in their footsteps. I help teach classes when mom or Sasha force's me, but to me it's a hobby, not something I want to do for the rest of my life. I get my dad and brothers fears, I really do. After being kidnapped at the age of 2 and witnessing the horrific shit that was done to my sister in law, I get it. The thing is though, I have a tracker on me, I'm trained so I just don't understand why I can't be apart of it. I know I was young when we were kidnapped but those memories stuck with me.

I'm so fucking done with my family's constant need to suffocate us girls. I look in the mirror as the show starts in an hour. I'm wearing low rise black leather pants with a black lace bustier and leather thigh high boots. My long brown hair is in soft waves and my makeup is nonexistent. I grab my helmet, my riding jacket, and stuff pillow under my blanket.

My room is pretty big and I have a full-size canopy bed that has pink sheer curtains going around. There's a white and pink vanity, a white and pink dresser and even my walls are pink, with unicorn stickers. I hate my room and the fact that my dad won't let me change it out of it childish decor.

Rolling my eyes I shut the lights off and make my way to the window. I'm on the second floor and my windows at the front of my house. I throw my helmet out and watch as it hits the grass be low. I then quietly slip one leg out at a time and close the widow slightly. I slide myself down the shingles and jump. Sticking the landing I grab my helmet and make my way to the side of my house. Not wanting to alert anyone I kick the kick stand and roll the bike out of the side gate that's never guarded. I roll the bike for a bit more before finally putting the key in and watching it roar to life. Once's it's heated up enough I throw on my helmet and jacket then speed off into the night.

Noah's pov

I'm Noah Müller, I'm 21, and I'm the son of a business man. My dad is a contractor. His business provides construction workers to build houses and buildings all over California, Chicago and New York. He's been pestering me for years to get my shit together and prepare to start working for him but I refused.

Just to appease him I mange the construction crew, and sometimes help them. I am an underground bike racer and that's how I manage to stay sane . My father called earlier today to fight with me again about changing my mind and running the New York location. Thanks but no thanks. It's my 21st birthday, we're having a bike show tonight by the abandoned factories on the outskirts of town. All I need is the high of riding and a few drinks to shake off the old mans pestering.

I'm supposed to meet my best friend Mykel there. He's been so exhausted lately, he's a smart and good kid but his father works for some gang and he's been in training. He says he likes it but they are strict and play no games. He's tried getting me to join him but I pass. The most illegal shit I do is sell drugs here and there.

I throw on plain black tank top with black jeans and my leather jacket. It's mid July it's hot as hell but safety first. I make my way outside to my black Ducati panigale R, and roll out. There's nothing then the thrill of weaving in and out of traffic while people in cars wait impatiently on each other to move.

The show ended with a good turn out, so many bikes I couldn't even keep up. There was a new one today that caught my eye. It was a purple Kawasaki, it was a bad ass bike for a chick. The girl who owned it was one of the hottest chicks at the event. We don't usually get very many female riders so it's a turn on when there are some. It was pretty awesome how she joined in the burnout contest. I won of course but she was a close second.

After the show everyone headed to El Diablo house. His real Name is Rico and he's basically the big man who runs the underground races. He's a scary mother fucker that you don't want to mess with. Usually after these sort of things he has a huge party at his house where he likes to recruit new racers and shit.

As I walk around the house with my drink in my hand I scan for the perfect lay. Mykel is getting on my nerves with his pushy personality and won't take no for an answer about joining his stupid little gang.

Rylees POV

The bike show was pretty epic I had a blast. I did a burn out contest and came in second place so that was total bad ass. Burn out contest is when you hold your bike in place while letting the back wheel spin till you loose control and skid. Sometimes it pops your tire but I lucked out, my tire is still good. The fun moved to some mans house and I had no problems getting in.

I'm 3 drinks in and even smoked pot with a group of backpacks or house mouses I guess they're called. The woman who ride with their men or the men they're fucking, anyways I make my way through the house when I spot my brothers new recruit across the way. Mykel I think his name is. Shit if he sees me I'm fucked. He is 6'1 has short black hair and I think he's Hawaiian. He has a very toned body brown eyes and a killer smile.

I'm finally feeling good and I don't need this buzz kill ruining my night. Slipping out to the back door I bump in to what feels like a brick wall landing me on my ass. "Shit my bad let me help you." A deep voice speaks from above me. I look up to see a tall stocky football player looking guy. Hes wearing a black tank top with black jeans, his outstretched hand filled with tattoos that have me salivating. "You're the one on the pink and black ninja?" I smile proudly at him and nod my head. "I'm Noah WHATS your name?" I allow him to help me up then look in to his blue eyes.

I can't give my real name because my family is well known so I let the first name that comes to me out. "I'm Gypsy, nice to meet you!" I say with a flirty smile. He smiles and I can see dimples making me weak in the knees. He has short black hair and hairless face, the black ink decorating his pale skin making me feel things I've never felt before.

"How old are you Gypsy?" He says moving closer to me. I can feel the heat radiating off of him causing me to momentarily fall in a daze. I don't mean to lie but holy hell this god in front of me could be my future husband.

"18! What does that get me?" He smirks down at me grabbing my hand. Excitement fills me as I allow him to pull me back in to the house and up some stairs. He opens the first door to see it empty and pushes me in.


I don't get a chance to view or admire the room as Noah's lips find mine. This kiss is rough and frantic. His hands are moving rapidly removing my pants and panties while mine fumble with the button to his jeans. Once we're both bare he tosses me on the bed like a rag doll and climbs my body. He thankfully has a condom in his hand.

I follow his movements and begin to panic when I see what he's packing. Oh my, this is going to hurt. Once the condom is on he slides his shaft up and down my dripping heat. After a moment he plunges in to me eliciting a cry of pain. He doesn't pause to give me time to adjust, instead he begins to wildly thrust. Tears roll down my face as it feels like my vagina is being ripped in two.

"Fuck Gypsy you feel so good." He moans into my neck. I bite his shoulder and drag my nails down his back trying to not make him stop. "Shit you're too fucking tight I'm not gonna last." He groans. Cum please come this shit hurts, I think to myself. After a few more thrust his body stills and he rest his full body weight on me. I try to breath through the discomfort thankful when he stands up. He rolls the condom off and puts it in the trash bin before getting dressed. I slowly stand up and look at him.

End of mature content

"Can I see your phone?" I ask. He turns to look at me with a raised brow. "So I can give you my number." I say in a duh tone. I watch as his eyes widen and he looks back in to my eyes.

"I'm sorry darling, this was a one time thing. I don't do serious, I'm sorry if you got the wrong impression." He says looking as if he doesn't know exactly how to handle the situation. Without giving me a chance to reply he walks out of the room leaving me to my own fucked up thoughts.

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