Broken hearted girl

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Winning a war between two people is easier than winning a war between a person and a thing. Join Josie in her battle with her new life and the new people that enter it.

Drama / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It took three years and almost half my life but I'm finally a normal girl.

Weird, huh? Never thought normal would be this boring but I'd choose boring over what I've been through any day.
Hi I'm Josie but you can call me Jo and I'm sitting on my bed scrolling through social media. I've been doing this since I came back from the hospital. Why was I there, you might ask. Well to get my clearance of course. Josie, clearance for what, why that my friend is a very long story.

When I was born, my heart had very irregular pumps/beats I don't know the technical term for it. Anyway when I was stabilised, they thought it was just something to do with the fact that I was born early so they shrugged it off. When I was 4, I fainted and everyone thought it was the heat well until i only woke up once my parents took me to the hospital. They put me on a drip and I was back to normal (or so they thought) still confused to why it happened. Eventually in 5th grade, I had a seizure and blacked out and was placed immediately on life support because my heart was failing. OMG!!! yea I know and after stabilising me, I was immediately put on a list for a heart transplant and 6 months later they found me a heart but it wasn't meant to be because 1 year later she failed on me. Then I was put on the list again and they found me a heart sooner or later and I stayed in the hospital for monitoring and 3 years later I'm cleared and a junior in high school! You might wonder how I can be caught up with school, I home-schooled (more like hospital-schooled) and got a tutor.
Unfortunately, when receiving Darcy (my new heart and yes i name my hearts,sue me) I had to move to the Seattle. So I'm officially starting high school in a week so I decided to get familiar with my surrondings, maybe I could meet someone who goes to my school.
After driving around for 20 minutes, I got hungry and went to a cafe I passed a couple of times. When I entered, I could smell the coffee and pastries that were being made. Soon I was seated at a booth and assisted which I then ordered a chicken salad and a cappuccino. While I was eating, a girl came up to my booth and sat down. She had very beautiful black kinky curls with a very basic style, very deep dimples but cute and the most smoothest glowing skin I've ever seen.
'Hi, I'm Talia and I couldn't help but notice you' she said shyly
'Umm, the name is Josie but you can call me Jo and may I ask why I stuck out like a sore thumb to you?' I smile
She giggles,' I come here everyday and know everyone,but I've never seen you'
'Oh, I just moved here and I thought to check out the area' I say shoving a mouthful of salad in my face.
'Cool, where did you move from?' she asks politely
'Denver' I reply
'Awesome,which school you attending?' she asked anxiously
'Park City. Which school do you go to?' I ask (I made up the school's name)
'Same as you. We haven't even started school and you already made a friend' she smiles
'Yea I did and she is one amazing person' I smile widely because I JUST MADE A FRIEND!!! In the back of my head I felt bad about building my first friendship on a lie but I really don't want to bring up my heart because I don't want to be treated differently because of it. I'll tell her eventually seeing as I only met her.
After the cafe, I had to go straight home because my parents had a table reserved for dinner at this restaurant. Once I got cleaned I slip on a flowy white jumpsuit with navy stripes that mom bought for me today and put my hair in a bun. At dinner, I told my parents about the cafe, my new friend and the fact that I didn't tell her and I don't want anyone to know including the school. My parents looked at each other and hesitantly agreed.
That night I went to bed feeling like the happiest girl in the world. I did however have a nightmare where my heart failed on me and there was nothing they could do to save and I watched from outside my body how destroyed my parents look, how sad the doctors and nurses who have overtime became my friends look. I jolt awake and after 3 hours on Netflix i finally doze off. I hate getting this nightmare, it has been happening on and off for 3 years now.

I woke up the next morning super groggy and lazily got ready for the day. I stop at the cafe to get a coffee when I see a group of teenagers come in. There were three guys and four girls in the group. The girls were half naked with the clothes they were wearing, but who am I to judge them. The three guys caught my attention though. They were all very built and tall specimen. One had dirty blonde hair, sweats and probably the shortest. The tallest had curly brown hair with jeans,a hoodie and a denim jacket over the hoodie which was weird but looked good. The second tallest had an all black outfit on (black jeans and a black hoodie)and lushes loose curly black hair. It's a shame that I couldn't see their faces but I automatically knew that was the popular group of their school. Well from the basic knowledge I have from all the movies I watched and books I read, they just fit the criteria.
After the cafe, I watched Netflix all day while making a pit stop at the mall to get school supplies and some clothes for school. Today wasn't very interesting except I finished my book and my favorite character died which was sad but other than that,my day was pretty average.

hii this is my first story so plz don't judge loll
anyway I update every day to second day ;)
also sorry this i dragged the day so long in this chapter
anyway enjoy it, luvs;)


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