Will I be able to love you?

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what if you woke up without memorise and you got to know that you are married to a man you barerly knew. Naira is a normal girl with normal life and a loving family. But as soon as she turned 17 her fathed decided for her to marry and all her dreams are shattered now. Her loving and best family has turned into a hell just for money? But soon as she got married she gets to know that her husband is not as bad as she thought. But will she ever love him? can her dreams come true? will her husband help her with it? or will her husband toture her like her family?

Drama / Mystery
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chapter 1

I woke up in the hospital bed. My head still hurts, The man which nurse told me was my husband was sleeping beside my bed. He was sitting on a chair but his hands and head rested on my bed.

well, He looked cute though.

He has light brown eyes and light brown hairs white skin tone, and height nearly six feet.

The door opened and two girls named Jenny and Kyle came.

As long as I can remember Ivan, My husband, told me that they were my best friends and I used to like them so much.

I wish I could remember the times and moments when we were together.

"hey, sweetheart. How are you feeling?" Kyle said.

"I am feeling quiet good." I lied.

"oh come on, we know whenever you say that you are okay that means you are not. we have spend half of our lives together Naira we know you very well." Jenny said keeping a foodpackage on the bed beside me.

The door opened again. This time it was Andrew and Liam, Ivan's best friends.

"oh sister in law. How are you feeling now? Are you okay?" Andrew asked.

While Liam came near Ivan and said

"oh. How cute my boy is sleeping, no wonder anyone can fall for him." Liam started taking pictures of him.

"Hey, let him sleep for a while he was awake the whole night." Andrew shouted.

so rude. The flash of the phone can wake him up but not the raising voice.

"What? he stayed up all night? why?" I asked.

"He said he was not in a mood to sleep." Andrew said.

"Why are you two idoits so noisy? can't you even shut up?" Ivan said in his sleepy voice.

"Brother in law. look we have bought you and Naira breakfast,have it. I heard you even not had dinner last night". Jenny said pointing to the foodpackage.

What the hell my husband didn't had dinner and even not slept last night and I didn't even knew. so bad.

"What? you did not ate dinner why?". I asked shaking him.

I know I didnt even know him but it is not good for anyone. Staying up all night and not even having dinner is not good for our health.

"Did you had dinner last night?" Ivan asked me.

I remembered.

"I don't think so I had." I said remembering.

"Let me tell you miss.Attitude, you didnt even not had your lunch and the nurse scolded me for not giving you your luch and she thought that I am not a good husband and I am so bad at taking care of you, so I too did not have dinner.'' He said folding his hands.

miss.Attitude? why did this name sound so familier? like I have heard it before. had I heard it?

my vision started to blur. And before everything turned black

"Naira?". voice came

And I came back to my senses. as soon as I came back to it, I noticed I had tears streaming down my face.

"Naira? Are you okay? Is everything alright?" Ivan said toching my forehead.

"y-yeah I am alright". I lied again.

I was not alright everything around me and about me gave me a painful headacks and it was all a mystrey for me.

"I told you. whenever she says she is alright that means she is not". Jenny said.

"Ok then now tell me why did you stayed up all night?" I asked Ivan as calmly as I could so that I could change the topic

"I thought with the hunger you would wake up at night for having dinner so I stayed up". Ivan said running his hands through his hair.

"looks like love is in the air. WOW I can even smell it." Liam said sniffing.

I heard Ivan chuckle,

"shut up you guys, you will understand when you will get marry". Ivan said. He had a smile on his face.

"You are so creul Ivan you even got married and kept both of us single". Andrew said sadly.

"I think brother we are going fo die single". Liam said hugging Andrew and faking a cry.

overacting I said to myself with a laugh.

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