Grimson Reaper

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Another School

Grimson Reaper

My mom looks at me from the rear-view mirror. I kick my feet up onto the car door and put earbuds in. My phone shakes with texts, but I ignore them.

“Grimson, this is the third school that you’ve been kicked out of. I didn’t even know it was possible to be expelled on the first day.” I listen, but pretend to ignore her. I hate to disappoint her, but she doesn’t know the half of it. She pulls over and stops the car at Riverside Park. I look out the window.

“What are we doing here?” She turns to me from the drivers seat.

“There aren’t very many Monster Colleges in the world. This is the last collage that will accept you. Can you try to be... well.. nicer in this school?”

“They think I’m a freak.”

“I know you have your reasons of not wanting to go, but this could be good for you.” I put my hood on and open the door. She was quiet for a while. I get my baggage out of the back. “Hey.” I turn to her, rolling my eyes. “I know it’s been hard since your dad left, but try to be happy. Okay?” What does she know? I act like I understand.


“Alright. You remember how to get there, right?”

“Look for the trees that are connected by one branch. I know I know.” She looks at my baggage then to me.

“Okay. Hurry. They should be passing out the room keys by now.” I shut the car door and nod, pulling my hood further over my head.

I walk inside the doors. The smell of books and wood smacking me in the face the second I step in. It looked the same as any Monster Collage. Some of the people were different, but other than that, everything was the same.

“B8!” Was that my room? Hoping it was, I hurry to the front. Two girls walk away from the desk. One was obviously a Dragonborn. Scales went up her neck and stopped at her chin. Her short braid hung over her shoulder. Her tank top was sagging out of her baggy pants. The other- I don’t know. She looked like a normal brunet. Her hair up in a ponytail that hung a bit further than her coat did. She was pretty, I’ll say that much.

“Aha. Grimson Reaper. Room B8. You have a room with Flynn Hunters. Fair warning. Werewolves...” I stop listening after that. I just watched the girl. She wasn’t flying up to her room. She wasn’t Dragonborn. She smiled without fangs. She was just... human. A hand snaps it’s fingers in front of my face. I look at the lady. “Here is your key. Remember my warning.”

“Thanks.” I wait till the girl is in her room to go to the one next to it. I glare. The room was trashed. The bunk bed had claw marks along the wood. the wallpaper was torn. Wow. This Flynn guy seems nice. I jump at a low growl. the top bunk had a large lump under the covers. I throw my backpack on the bottom bunk and start to unpack.

Flynn and his gang walked about the halls, shoving people out of their way and smirking every now and then at some girls, staring like they’re a snack. Disgusting. I just walk behind them, tying to keep my hood covering my face. I mess with the small pocket scythe my dad had given me. Wind blows by me and I turn. It was the Dragonborn and- the human girl. She was chasing after her a bit slower.

Flynn suddenly stops and licks his lips. His eyes were glued on the human girl as she ran by. With an easy movement of his arms, he was holding her by the waist.

“Hey, beautiful.” He says slyly. His friends watched with amusement.

“Let me go.” She was tense. Flynn just smirks and leans down to her neck. I mess with the scythe again, ready if anything got out of hand.

“Oh, why should I, love?” She turns quickly and slaps him across the face. I freeze. Well. I guess she doesn’t need saving. She then looked panicked. I hold my small scythe at the ready. He let her go. Why isn’t she running? “Oh, you shouldn’t have done that, love.” I grip my scythe tightly. Cracking sounds, his claws breaking through his nails. His gang comes behind her. They grab her arms and watch as she tries to break away. “Come on, love.” This was going too far. “Oh...” he clicks his tongue, “there’s no use, love. This is simple. You stand there and be my toy. Then maybe, we’ll let you go.”

“Let me go now! I want nothing to do with a dog like you!” She spits into his face. She’s tying to dominate him. It’s not going to work. He wipes the spit off his cheek. He growls. I hurry to the scene.

“Now you’re gonna get it-,”

“Hey!” I yell. He turns to me and growls. I get my scythe ready. “Let her go, Flynn.” he rolls his eyes with an amused smile.

“What will you do if I don’t? Call your daddy?” Okay. That’s it. I watch you check people out and hit on a girl and now you bring up my father? I pull my scythe out of my sleeve and watch it grow to a giant scythe with a silver blade and swing it close to his throat.

“Let me say that again. I said. Let. Her. Go.” He swallows and glares at me. I glare back. If he thought I would let him do this, he was an idiot. After a while, he growls and steps back. I put it closer to his throat. He looks at the two others holding the girl. she pulls away from them and they let her go. I set my scythe blade to the floor. “Now leave.” He glares at me, then at the girl before nodding to his gang and leaves. I felt the girls long stare and turn around. “What’s your next class?” She gapes at me, quiet. Is she okay? Did they hurt her or something? I wave a hand in front of her face. “Hello?” She breaks out of some sort of daze. She stutters for a second.

“What? Oh! I... um... my next class is Gardening and Herbs." remembering I had my scythe out, I make it turn back into a small one. I think for a second. If Flynn did that to her, how many more will do that to people like her?

"Follow me." I start to walk, keeping a picture of the school map in my head. She was hesitant for a second then follows me. From the corner of my eye I see he look around nervously. I smile a bit. Not gonna lie, she looks more like a scared kitten than the tough girl from before. What a joke. She stays close to me all the way to Mr. Derwins classroom.

I think today might just get better for me. Maybe.

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