Grimson Reaper

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Headmasters office

Grimson Reaper

She stays close for a long while. Her silence was a bit awkward. She’s not used to this is she?

“What are you?” I beak the silence as soon as I could. it makes me uneasy when it’s so quiet. when I’m without my music playing, that is. She was caught off guard.

“What? oh.. I’m a s-shapeshifter.” A shapeshifter? Didn’t they go extinct?

“Shapeshifter. Hm... are you sure?” She rolls her eyes. “You look like a normal human girl.” She gapes at me, looking offended. “I mean, you’re obviously not a Dragonborn. You don’t have fangs so you’re not a Vampire or a werewolf. You don’t have wings, blue skin, red skin, purple skin. No pointed ears,” he reaction to the list makes me smile a bit. I turn around and start to walk backwards. “Shall I go on?”

“No. You shan’t.” Okay. I didn’t expect her to respond that way. “And what about you? I mean, you’re obviously not a Dragonborn. You don’t have fangs so you’re not a Vampire or a werewolf. You don’t have wings, blue skin, red skin, purple skin. No pointed ears,” I can’t believe she’s throwing my words back at me. “Shall I go on, human?”

“Ouch.” she laughs nervously and goes red. Someone’s flustered and it sure ain’t me. She doesn’t know, does she? “No, I am none of those. Matter of fact I am something completely different.” I take my hood off and she stares. Maybe she does know.

“So what are you? A demon?” I smile. She doesn’t know. first monster to not know who I am. I shrug.

“Something like that.” I see the greenhouse in view and stop. “Here it is. Gardening and Herbs.” She’s caught off guard again. Oh, did I distract her? I open the door for her and she walks in hesitantly, and I walk in after her. People stare, some giving the same look Flynn did. I glare at them, and they look away. I look at the teacher as he sits in his desk. “Hey, Mr. Derwin. Sorry we’re late.” He looks up at me and shakes his head at me.

“Oh, Grimson. You’re wanted in the Headmasters office.” The words I know too well. Of course. Kicked out of another school on the first day.

“Ooh, you’re in trouble.” Someone says. I ignore them. Before I leave, I lean down to the girls ear.

“I’ll see you around.” I whisper then leave the greenhouse.

I wait outside the Headmasters office. Surprisingly, there was a wait. I mess with my fingers as people stare at me. Some with spells that had gone wrong, others for other reasons.

"Grimson Reaper." My name rings through the hall. I stand up.

"That's me." The lady wearing a button-up dress and a hat that went with her twisted horns puts her glasses to the tip of her nose.

"I know." She sounded annoyed. Jeez. She seems nice. "The headmaster is ready to see you." She turns into the room, then stops. "That means follow me." Wow. so this day could get worse. I follow her into a large room, an owl or two perched on chairs and on the bookshelves. One was on a TV. Then I see the chair. The large chair with gold detailed on the edges. That could only be one person.

"Thank you, miss Newel. You may leave now." She nods and leaves, shutting the door behind her. The chair turns around. "Grimson, sit." I look at the range of small to giant chairs. I sit in the middle of them. "Grimson," And here it starts, "did your other schools have rules against weapons?"

"Yes, headmaster." I respond.

"So you knew that they were not allowed to be out on school property."

"Yes, headmaster." I put my hand in my pocket where my scythe was, then put it back. I was just making sure.

"I would like you to explain what happened," He turns to the TV and turns it on to a black and white camera recording, "here." I look at the TV as it showed me getting my scythe out and threatening Flynn. I didn't notice the people running away before.

"What happened was all my fault-,"

"I did not ask the fault. I asked what happened." I swallow.

"Well, my roommate, Flynn, he..." I trail off. The headmaster lifts his eyebrows.

"He did what?"

"He tried to touch a girl inappropriately." He turns his head a bit.

"What was the girls name?" He name?

"I didn't get her name, but she said she was a shapeshifter. Which I thought was impossible 'cause they all went extinct hundreds of years ago." he shakes his head at me.

"Oh, no no no. All but one." He starts. "But that is not what I have you here for. So you brought your weapon out to protect Beth, is that right?" Beth?

"Yes?" I say it slowly. I don't know if that's the same girl, but sure. He nods.

"And why, do you think, did you protect her?"

"Well, I- at first I thought she was a human, and a human can't possibly fend off a werewolf and his pack."

"Are you implying that I can't defend myself either?" I look at him and realize that he has nothing. no different colored skin, no fangs, no wings. Holy crap, I just offended the headmaster. Sarah is going to kill me.

"No, of course not, headmaster."

"But you think that a human girl your age couldn't fend for herself against werewolves?" I run a hand down my face. Crap. Crap. Crap.

"I just wanted to make sure. She was okay one second, then wasn't. It was out of protection. I didn't hurt anyone-,"

"But you threatened Flynn." Why is he asking me this? He has the proof of why I did it.

"Is there a reason I'm here, Headmaster?" He nods.

"You did something about a problem. None of your other schools said anything about that. Only said that you were ignorant, self centered, and ruthless." I'm being kicked out of another school. One more and I'll set a record. "But, this tape shows the complete opposite, so I am going to let you off with a warning." Wait, what? "And I will have you call your legal guardian and have you explain it to them. Will you do that for me, mister Reaper?"

"Yes, headmaster." He nods and walks back to his seat. "Good, you may leave now." What? No punishment? No big lecture?

"Are you sure there isn't anything else?" He looks up at me.

"Like what?"

"Like detention? Something along those lines?" He smiles and shakes his head.

"No. A waning and that's it." Okay, that isn't normal. "Good day, mister Reaper." I nod and walk out, confused... and yet, thankful.

Beth. So that's her name, huh?

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