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Trouble with Sarah

Grimson Reaper

I look at the sky. Even outside I could hear Flynn. Flynn was asleep on the bottom bunk, snoring like a leaf blower. I look at my phone again. Sarah’s number is all that shows on my phone book. I know she’s asleep, but I promised the headmaster I would call her. I press her name and hold the ringing up to my ear. She picks up almost immediatly.


“Hey, mom.” I hear he stressed breathing.

“Did you get kicked out again?”

“No, mom. No, I didn’t. The headmaster just wanted me to call you.”

“What happened? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. There was a girl that a boy was being a total... a jerk to, and when he wouldn’t stop, I.. I got my scythe out.”

“You brought your scythe with you to school?” I roll my eyes.

“Yes. I did. But that’s not the point. The point is, my headmaster let me go with a warning.” Her breathing evens in the phone.

“Okay, good. But, if you bring your scythe out again, I will have the staff take it from you and send it home.” I run a hand down my face.

“Okay. Deal.” I pace a bit.

“Good. I need to go. Richard is calling me.”

“Okay. Bye.” she’s quiet for a minute.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom.” I hang up. I can’t believe her ex is still calling her. It’s bad enough she has to deal with me and the bills, and a lot more. I put it in my pocket and jump onto the railings, letting my leg dangle off the edge. I hear a door shut and look over. Beth, who was only wearing a Metallica shirt that went just above her knees, walks out to the rails and looks up at the sky. She opens her phone. She types something then she stares at her phone, her finger hovering over a name. She looks sad and somewhat stressed. She turns her phone off and looks back up at the sky. Is she okay? I try to lighten the mood.

“Do you always look so sad?” She jumps a bit and I hear something clank onto the railing. she picks it back up and looks at me. “I didn’t think it was possible to look that sad on the first day.” I say with a teasing smile.

“Sorry. I thought I was alone.” She puts on a mask of a smile. “Great.” she rolls her eyes, looking at the object she had dropped.

“What is it?” Thinking she’s joking, I mix a laugh in the words.

“My screen is cracked. I dropped it when you scared me.” she stats checking her phone.

“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” she just shrugs.

“It’s fine. Everything else works, so it- it’s okay.” She looks up at the sky. Dang, she was beautiful. Even with her messy bun and small bags under her eyes, she was a sight for sore eyes. She looks at me and clears her throat. “What happened with the whole headmasters office thing?” I realize I was staring and look away

“Ah, it wasn’t really what I expected.” Not at all.

“Oh?” There really isn’t much to talk about.

“He just let me go with a warning for having weapons out on campus.”

“A warning for weapons? Wow, the headmaster showed mercy on you.” I wanted to laugh out loud, but I just let a chuckle slip. she smiles a bit, making me feel warm. Holy crap, I’m getting flustered. Maybe she won’t notice. “Also, thanks. For what you did. I’ve never really been to a monster school before.” I nod. “So is this a payback thing or...?”

“Nah. Don’t worry about it.” I glance at her phone that she was holding with shaky hands. I look up at the stars, thinking of how to ask without seeming stalker-like. “So what’s up?” Seriously? You think of how to not be stalker-like and you ask whats up?


“You were looking at your phone all sad like. So... whats going on?”

“It’s kinda personal...” I can’t blame her for not telling me. I nod.

“It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to tell me.” I look up at the stars, breathing in the night air.

“Well, do you promise to keep it a secret?” She asks. I flick my eyes back to her. So it’s a secret? I wonder if she would feel beter if I told her one too. Make it even.

“If you promise to keep mine.” She mine as well just be told what I am rather than finding out. But, then again, she’s been so nice to me and doesn’t know why I’ve been kicked out of so many schools. And, oh yeah, my dad is kinda obsessed with making me follow in his footsteps. The only reason that I keep my scythe with me is that it keeps Grim Reaper away. It’s the only thing keeping him from showing up at the school and getting me kicked out again. Mostly from the impact he has on my powers.

“The thing is, my parents... don’t know I’m here.” I turn. “My parents are normal humans, the only other shapeshifter in my family is my Papa and-,”

“Papa? I thought your parents were humans.” She looked a bit annoyed like shes heard that a thousand times.

“I call my grandpa Papa.” Papa? I guess that makes sense. I nod a bit. “Anyway, it’s a new school. It’s completely different from my other normal schools. I’m nervous after what happened today, and completely overwhelmed. All these teachers act like I know everything already, when I don’t. And I can’t get in trouble or drop out or the headmaster will call my parents and then I’m in trouble with my parents and eveything is just... it’s just a lot for me to try to balance.” It was easy to tell that this was a lot for her. But she did look a but less stressed after telling me.

“I know how that feels.” I swing my leg a little bit off the edge. She looks at me, a bit surprised I think.

“You do?”

“Yeah. There are a lot of us do. I mean, I’ve been kicked out of four different schools and my Mom is really wanting me to succeed in something.” I try to help her feel better and let her know that she isn’t alone. “This school is my last chance to make her proud.” I look at her and try to keep it cool. Shes looking straight at me. “You may think it sounds silly, but there are a lot of Different here that are going through the same thing you are. Me being one of them.” I look into her deep green eyes.

“Different? What does that mean?” My hand shoots to my pocket and I mess with my scythe.

“I don’t like being called or having other people called a Monster. It isn’t a feel-good word.” She moves to the railing next to me and listens. “But the word different, it sounds more like... like there is possibility. That we’re not just animals that they’re trying to contain.” She folds her arms and leans on the railing, looking interested in what I was saying.

“Then what do you call a Monster?” she asks.

“I don’t.” I state. “I just don’t. Not even Flynn needs to be called a Monster.”

“Not even Flynn?” I nod. “Well, would you call me a monster if, well, I dunno...” I wait for her to finish the sentence, but she doesn’t. She just had a small smile growing on her face.

“What? What is it?” It felt good to see her smile.

“Oh, nothing.” She looks at the sky like nothing had happened. Is she seriously teasing me?

“No, no. You can’t start something then not finish it.” she smiles wider.

“And that bugs you?” Is she insane? That’s one of my biggest pet peeves!

“Yes. It bugs me a lot, actually.” She laughs. She’s seriously teasing me.

“Alright, then I wont tell you.” Oh my heck. I shake my head, rolling my eyes.

“You’re seriously going to torture me with this?” I ask. She shrugs.

“I’ll tell you if you can guess something.” Hmm. I can do that.

“Alright. What do I need to guess?” I walk over to the railings across from the ones she was on. I look into her eyes, my eyebrows lifted. I’m not the best at guessing, but I have my ways.

“Whats my name?” Oh really? I know that. But she looked so sad a minute ago, and I don’t want that to happen again. I try to look defeated.

“I can’t guess that!” I say. Her smile grows wider.

“Haha! I win!” She brags.

“Could you two please keep it down?” She turns to another girl but she had scales that went up to her cheekbone. A dragonborn. She looked half asleep as she leaned on their balcony door. “I was having a good dream.” I frown a bit when Beth walks over to the drowsy Dragonborn.

“Yeah. Sorry, Tasha.”

“Jeez.“ She turns around then goes back inside. She looks back at me, and yawns.

“Yeah, I should probably... get to bed.” I nod with a smile. Its nearly two in the morning. I’m getting tired too.

“Alright.” I respond. she turns to open the door. “Hey,” I calls. Beth turns to me, “try not to stress too much. Okay?” I tried to say it quietly, but it was hard to hear over Flynn's snoring. She nods, her messy bun bobbing with her head.

"Night." She turns and walks into her dorm.

"Goodnight." When the door was closed, I smile. "Beth."

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