Sophie and Sarah

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this book is about two best friends names Sarah and Sophie. they have been longtime BFFs up until sixth grade. will they stay best friends or join different crowds?

Drama / Children
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Hi I'm Sarah McChoir and I went into sixth grade this year. It was the first day of middle school and I was so happy. Me and my best friend Sophie went to several different small stores for clothes for the first day of 6th grade, we were so excited and we bought shoes and jewellery, and we also fought over a shirt that used to belong to my older sister who is in high school. now I know that sounds really bad, but it was really cute shirt that I had wanted for a long time. a couple days before first day of school, we got our schedules and we were planning out how we're going to walk into school. The night before the first day of school, me and Sophie had. Sleep over.That night we asked my sister if she had any advice on the first day of middle school. She said " HA I remember when I was going into sixth grade. I was so quirky and I even had braces can you believe that!! O.m.g" "but yes I do have advice, don't be yourself". "O…k ",I replied.Suddenly Sophie's phone rang and she answered and then weirdly ran to the other room.

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