New Beginnings

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A young boy gets adopted after a rocky relationship with adults. He doesn’t trust easy or know how to accept love from adults. He slowly accepts his new life and grows from the love given by his new mom. (Starts slow)

Drama / Other
M the Iguana
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Chapter 1

The rain comes down hard and heavy.

Hitting the ground harder and harder

The rain seems heavier raining down on Isaiah and his regrets.

He sighs running again. Running from his past. Running until he can’t run anymore.

Isaiah ends up passing out in front of a convient store.

An elderly man finds him laying there. The man helps him up driving him to a foster center.

He leaves without even speaking to Isaiah. Once isaiah wakes up the kids in the center are surrounding him.

He rubs his eyes looking up seeing the foster care woman.

“You’re quite soaked! Let’s get you out these clothes shall we?” Isaiah looks around trying to figure out a way to leave.

She helps him up the steps and into a mildly empty room. He watches her closely. All adults in his life have left him out to die.

Isaiah was used to finding a way to survive. He didn’t need a foster care or a foster family.

At least, that’s what he thought.

The woman hands Isaiah some new clothes leaving the room momentarily for him to get changed up.

He tries to open the window feeling weak. Before he knows it the black spots come back and he passes out once more.

Wouldn’t you pass out if you haven’t eaten in 3 weeks?

The woman walks in shocked and worried lifting him into the bed. She orders the kids to bring some food for him with water so he can wake up.

They fan him until he’s up. He squints again trying to move but cannot. “Eat up and drink up” he looks at the food and pokes at it.

“It’s regular food-nothings wrong”

He side eyes her eating it slowly.

Seemingly better she ushers the kids out ready to talk to him.

“Hello, i’m Taylor, but everyone calls me Ms. Taylor”

Two years later


“No Delilah nobody is going to adopt me!” She rubs her legs thinking. What’s there to think about?

I’m thirteen now and nobody wants a teenager and I don’t want nobody.

All adults are crooked and selfish. They only care about what’s good for them.

She seems to stop thinking for a moment. “Tony got adopted and he was 15” I shrug “I’m not tony”

Delilah sighs. “You can’t spend your whole life hating adults because of your past”

I raise my eyebrow crossing my arms. “Watch me.”

Ms. Taylor walks in. “Oh Delilah sweetie, a couple has come just for you” she claps her hands together grabbing Delilah’s bags

Just delightful. My closest friend leaves. She hugs me sighing. “I’ll miss you Isaiah”

I hug back. “Mhm I’ll miss you too, be safe with them” she giggles nodding.

I wasn’t being funny. She leaves waving to everyone. How should I busy myself now?

I go to the front where the people come in and sit down. A girl that seems super young walks in straight to Ms. Taylor.

They begin whispering to one another. Ms. Taylor smiles big clapping again.

“He’s here but he’s had a rough past, severe trust issues-you have to have patience and love for him”

Who she talking about? Everyone else here is happy go lucky-I know she isn’t talking about me?!

The woman nods smiling. Ms. Taylor goes in her computer looking things up.

“Oh dear! You’re more than qualified to become a foster parent, but you’re too young, by a year”

The woman’s face turns into a sad frown. “Could we work something out? My 21st birthday is in one week”

Ms. Taylor looks sorrowful shaking her head no. “I am sorry, I truly am, please come back on your birthday or the day after”

The woman sighs nodding. “Thank you, i’ll Keep in touch”

Phew! That was close, I almost got adopted man.

The woman walks out looking sad. Why she so sad? She never knew me and even if she adopts me I’m not letting her get to know me.

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