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New Beginnings

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Chapter 2

I wake up to being shaken gently.

Why people always waking me? Why can’t I sleep till 10?

I open my eyes groaning. Ms. Taylor is standing over me.

“Yes Ms. T?” She grins clapping. I chuckle loving her enthusiasm.

She’s the only adult I would let adopt me to be truthful. “Isaiah, get up, get your teeth brushed come on come on!”

I sigh sitting up. Don’t tell me a week went by that fast. I was enjoying my time here keeping to myself.

I get up doing my every day routine groaning. I walk downstairs with just a bookbag.

The lady grabs it rubbing my back. I flinch away from her looking up. “Why’d you touch me?” She smiles grabbing my hand.

“don’t worry Isaiah, I’m not going to harm you, you’re going to have a great life with me” I pull my hand away slowly looking in her eyes.

She’s pretty, but anyways she probably lying to me. I nod to make her stop looking at me.

Ms. Taylor hugs me tight rubbing my back. “Just give her a chance” she whispers in my ear.

“Only because you asked me to” she smiles and claps. Next thing I know the lady is taking me to her car.

“My name is Marisol camila Alvarez, I hope you can warm up to me Isaiah”

Her accent gets thicker slightly confusing me. “Are you foreign?” She nods smiling. “Get in the front Isaiah”

I smile getting in. She puts my bag in the back turning the music on low.

“Isaiah what would you like to tell me about yourself?” I shrug “Mm I know you already know about my past and simple details about me”

She nods pulling up to Denny’s. “I like your car” she giggles thanking me getting out the car.

If she’s adopted me, does that mean I have a dad too? I don’t really want to ask but I’m curious.

Marisol opens the door for me. “would you like a kids menu?” She frowns at the waiters question.

“Do you think-no I don’t want a kids menu give us two adult menus!” I look at her and smile nobody stuck up for what I need even though it was just food menus.

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